How to Reset iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (Hard Reset or Reboot)

»»»How to Reset iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch (Hard Reset or Reboot)

iPod Touch and iPhone froze and locked up? The iPhone may be popular, but it has its fair share of problems too. The iPhone and iPod Touch may become completely unresponsive with LCD screen fading away to blank, white or black. And the gadget device may also does not accept nor respond to any screen taps, and ignoring or not responding to any external buttons pressed. In this total lockout situation, a possible quick solution is to reset the iPhone or iPod.

Apple Support (dead link) documented how to perform a reset. However, note that resetting the iPhone or iPod is not the same with restoring the iPhone or iPod. Restore will erase and wipe out completely all information and data that contained inside the device, including musics, songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, call lists, maps, applications installed and any other data. All iPhone or iPod Touch settings are restored to their factory condition. Meanwhile, reset is more about hard reset, for those familiar with terms associated with PDA, Palm or Windows Mobile. In other word, reset is simply a forced reboot, where power is cut off from iPhone or iPod Touch to restart the device from fresh.

To reset the iPhone or iPod Touch, press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously at the same time for at least ten seconds, then the LCD display will clear and the Apple logo appears on the black background. When Apple logo appears, reset is done.

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  • Charles Brown

    "Simultaneously" means "at the same time". You don't need both! That said, thanks for the tip – very helpful!!

  • Gabe


  • Ellen

    My iPhone froze while checking email–
    i am able to rebout to the Apple logo, but that doesn't get it running.
    Any ideas?????????

  • Felipe

    Gostaria de saber como eu poderia ajeitar o meu ipod touch, pois apareceu o erro do BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0, assim que eu instalei o Ziphone 3.0. A versao do meu ipod touch e 1.1.4. e ele é de 8gb
    Pois eu comprei ele nos Estados Unidos, e fica muito complicado de manda ele pra lá
    Gostaria que vc min ajudase
    Estou esperando a sua resposta

  • Pues podrían poner a alguien a traducir, y no usar este tipo de máquinas que a veces nos complican más la lectura que el propio inglés.

    "Mi saludar ustedes, tener suerte mucha amigo."

  • dan p

    thank you!
    was frozen and could not figure how to get my phone running again!

  • matt zappitelli

    when i put my ipod into shuffle it will only play a little bit of a song then goes back to the home menu can anyone help me?

  • james

    my touch is not restarting even when I try it no working

    Also, my music is messed up the sound is not coming out properly and the background is wrong advice

  • Karen

    Try the steps suggested in this article – it just worked for me!

  • hiromi

    i just bought my itouch but I coudnt open it everytime I pressed the main menu or the button at the top left it apears the battery is full already like that..can anyone help me here.

  • bara

    Merci vous m'avez sauvé =)

  • james

    alright Karen

    But its still not working and music is not coming out of it now
    not reseting

  • Banan

    Thanks alot

  • Rutger

    thank you, but after the apple logo i get a lot of white text, and then it stops at: BSD root: md0, major 2, minor0

    what's wrong?

  • DJE

    oh my gosh thank you guys so much. I have a second generation ipod touch and i was in an app and it froze up i did the sleep/home button 10 sec. press and it rebooted. The device was unresponsive for a good ten minutes and the screen was faded until i did this. THX SO MUCH GUYS. and by the way i didnt lose absolutely any data.

  • eric

    my ipod touch is messed up. i click a song and it returns immediatly to the home screen. the song doesnt even play. Can anyone help me out?

  • Megan

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I thought I tried everything and I was freaking out b/c I haven't even had my phone for a week!

  • Sam Mc

    I'm having the same problem at Rutger

    After the apple logo i get a lot of white text, and then it stops at:
    BSD root: md0, major 2, minor0

    what’s wrong?

    Please Help Me.

  • john berry

    my ipod touch suddenly went from regular resolution to a faded red and white resolution. i have done everything. please help

  • sarthak

    thnx a TTON…..

  • I;m having the same problem as Sam Mc

    After the apple logo i get a lot of white text, and then it stops at:
    BSD root: md0, major 2, minor0

    what's wrong?

    Please Help Me Too.


    if ANYONE can help me

  • franklin m

    How I can I restart an ipod touch. I tried a lot of things but stil doesn't work.

  • Doc

    I reset my iPod Touch as described (after a terminal hang) and it worked as described.

    Mega-bonus: It's at least 2X faster with page loads in Safari, updating web feeds, etc.

    1K thanks!

  • Mori

    I have just bought an iPod Touch 2nd generation. It was working ok but suddenly the screen freezed and I am unable to restore it from iTunes site I receive a message Restore error 1604 and when I try to turn it on I just received the screen with iTunes logo and the white USB cable underneath . I tried the reboot described here with no success. Please Help!!

  • Scott

    My son tried to update his software on the itouch and it has locked up much like described above but it will not restore and the hard reset does not work. What should he do?

  • nicole

    mine is stupid. i hate it i reset it and the dumb itunes logo and the usb poped up i plugged the ipod into the computer and it says it's on some stupid mode and to restore i've tried several times i download it then with the last 56 seconds or so of downloading. it says i timed out. this is pissing me right off! HELPPP!

  • Erick Dutt

    that completely helpe thank you

  • st

    i have the exact same problems with mori!!! please help me!!!

  • Sheikh

    i tried to earse my iphone 3g from reset option, after that my iphone turned on only upto apple logo – not moving + not detecting at itune etc.

    please please help

  • anonymous

    Lucky i found this. my screen stuck black and wouldnt work. now to fix my broken xbox.

  • melissa.

    my ipod got stolen by an old friend and I finally got it back and she's put a passcode on it and I can unlock it.
    I resetted it but it still has the passcode.
    anyway to get past this?

  • Gabr h

    I lost my restrictions pass……… i cant have ANY games on it!!!!!! Ipod touch

  • johnny

    i lost my pass code and when i start my ipod it says enter passcode and i dont have it

  • garrett


  • Cidious

    Sheeeit thanks for this bro, I was about to throw my touch against the wall, cause the mofo had a black screen and wouldn't respond. May I add apple support is completely useless, all they ever suggest is plug into itunes and restore

  • Richard

    thank you soooo much i was freaking out



    i totally thought i broke it or something, but how could i! I had a case on it, never dropped it or anything!

    I've heard that the screen is nearly impossible to break since its glass and such so that couldn't be the case

    I seriously thought i lost my ipod touch forever =[ so sad

    but i tried resetting it, i held it and BAM APPLE LOGO APPEARED
    I totally jumped up and cheered literally, you don't know how much I appreciate this blog now haha

    much love!

  • Zach

    I was browsing a Microsoft website when the screen went blank. To be more accurate, I clicked to sign up for a Microsoft service. My IPod Touch saved me from Microsoft? Either way, I had to find this page and do a hard reset. It worked. …some of the longest ten seconds of my life.

  • U are no help I will not recomend u to any1!!!!!! ): YOu should be ashamed.

  • I love Micheal Phelps!! <<<33333333

  • sonny

    my ipod was jailbroken and i unjailbroke it cuz it was screwing up and now it wont come off the jailbreak screen whenever i turn it on! i need help

  • Sarthak Batra

    Thanks Man!!!
    May God bless you

  • AL

    thank you so much you have no idea how much headache you saved me

    P.S the apple logo may stay on the screen for 30 seconds to a minutes but it's entirely normal.

  • I-man

    Thankyou! Always wonderd how to do a reset!

  • Or

    Thanks a lot! I was that close to reboot my iphone

  • Gurpreet Singh

    thanks alot, god bless you people, you made my frozen iphone3g working!!!!!!!!
    these steps are really helpful!!!!!

  • eddie

    my ipod touch froze and has a picture of a usb and itunes logo. when i connect to itunes it says i must first unlock the ipod, but the screen never appears for me to enter it… what can i do?

  • marcos michaelides

    I have a iphone 8GB and carried the erase all contents and settings and it never started up again. When switched on the apple sign comes up and stays there for hours without doing anything. Can anybody please help.

  • Tasha

    I have an ipod touch 8Gb …I downloaded many games on it..ive played them all many time..just today i started having games wont play any more, when i press a game to play tt goes on it then goes back to the page before, i am unable to play any games?, ive tried turning off and turning back on my ipod but that still hasent worked, ive tried charging it, but that hasent worker ether, ive tried everythinbg i can think of..???

  • My Name Is…

    To Tasha

    Try Deleting some of the Apps. Maybe You Simply Just Have 2 Many. Hope Its Helpful.

  • MTR

    i lost my passcode and i got a new computer so if i connect it, its on my old computer!! Anyone now how to completly reset it?

  • Mikey

    I tried to download the new update on my iPod Touch… the new update was 2.2. When i started downloading, restoring, etc… it said there was an unknown error on it. Now, every time i try to turn on my iPod it shows the connect to iTunes icon and every time I do that it goes to the same thing over and over again… what shall I do to fix it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • can u please help me i need help my ipod touch say ipod is disabled so if u can help me thank u

  • can u help me how does this work


    omg it worked! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christy

    thank you soooo muchh

  • retro

    thx u sooooooooooo much

  • Pissed off itouch ow

    dosent fuckin work for wat should i do noyjin works im totally fucked off

  • sabrina

    ohmygod thank youu soo much
    you just about saved my life!

  • Leandro Marques

    Guy! Thank u so much! I saved my life!

  • apple

    i did wat it said to do to reset it, but it went back to doin wat it was doin be4. wat should I do?

  • matt

    thanks alot saved my day!

  • MoMentum

    I own a iPhone 3g 8gig. I bought off a co worker who sat next to me and never had a problem with it. I used it for a full day before buying it.

    I activated it today and wanted to start from scratch so I did a complete wipem rest all setting and content of the phone. I did it @ 7pm its almost 12am midnight now and the wiping ended when the bar was completed, and then the apple logo came up white with a black screen. It ha stayed this way for 3 hours.

    It flahes in intervals of about 3minutes and a ring of lines under the apple logo that go away and re appear, i tired connectting it to itunes, hard resetting it,, and nothing..

    Any advice? is 5 hours the usual time? the phone barely had alot of memory built up , it had maybe 10 added programs, 3 gigs of music and 100 pix @ most.

    Any ideas or help?

  • Jay

    thank u so much i wouldnt be alive today without you

  • MJ

    It didnt work 4 me…poxy piece of crap!!! screen is totally locked and has no reponse to it.

  • jake

    i need to get pass my password cuz i forgott it do u no how

  • dennis

    Thank you soooooooooooo much. If it weren't for you thatn I would be in huge trouble. Thank you sooo much . You are my hero

  • C1ayton89

    OMG thank you it froze at like lunchtime and i was just going to wait for it to go flat but this worked thanks 🙂

  • only apple logo is thr and it is not working…

  • gabi


  • jason dykes

    my apps arent responding on my 8gb ipod touch, i reset the unit, and still nothing, i tap the app and it goes black then back to the main menu,, what should i do?

  • bbk

    ok my screen is jstu white and the logo wont even appear?

  • thanks

  • Ben


  • mathias

    THANK YOU !!!! omg i was was so scared haha that worked well

  • Mikebkr

    Ok, I have a particular problem with my itouch. A few weeks ago I was listening to it when it died. When I got home I put it on the charger and ever since then whenever I turn it on a picture of the USB connector cord with an arrow pointing toward the itunes symbol appears. So naturally I plugged it inot my itunes and on the computer screen appeared a caption that said that I must enter my password into the itouch. But I cannot get to that point…It will not respond to any touch on the screen. It does however turn off and on. I have reset it and it still won't work!
    I have no idea what to do…any ideas?

  • SwetTemptation


  • hayden fancher

    thank you thank you thank you! i thought i was gonna have to buy another ipod for a while there

  • Nazmeen

    Thank you soooo much may god give you loads of boys!!!!!!

  • maya

    my apps on my ipod touch keep exiting by themselves….
    i tried to reset my ipod, but it didn't do anything!!
    someone help me please!! 🙂

  • glenn

    i did that and all it did was take pictures of itself instead of restarting so im confusedf

  • ahh! mikebkr! i'm haveing the exact same problem, i don't know what to do! we need help.

  • matt

    my iphone is going crazy it blinks of and on showing nothing just a white screen. i tryed to hold the power buton on the top and nothing i also tryed to fix it by conecting it to my itunes and nothin.
    please help!

  • eric

    well done!! thanks for posting such an easy to read fix. And here I was thinking that my beloved iPhone was kaput.

  • fuck you


  • brooke

    and, if was locked with a passcode like mine, you have to do what they said , have it connected to itunes, and keep holding the buttons until it says connect to itunes on the screen


    omg thx so mmuch

  • haley

    June 3rd, 2009 12:30
    79Ok, I have a particular problem with my itouch. A few weeks ago I was listening to it when it died. When I got home I put it on the charger and ever since then whenever I turn it on a picture of the USB connector cord with an arrow pointing toward the itunes symbol appears. So naturally I plugged it inot my itunes and on the computer screen appeared a caption that said that I must enter my password into the itouch. But I cannot get to that point…It will not respond to any touch on the screen. It does however turn off and on. I have reset it and it still won’t work!
    I have no idea what to do…any ideas?

    I have the same issue…IT WONT WORK!!


  • Mike

    thanks for sharing the knowledge

  • Mike

    Graaaaaaaacias viejooooooooo!!!

  • Enrico Fermi

    IF THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU, first plug the iphone/ipod into a USB port, then try the same thing. It was necessary with mine for some reason. OS 3.1

    I think the article should be updated with this info.

  • Kc

    I just wanted to thank you for this tip your a real help

  • james in japan

    Thank you. This was a huge help with my little cousin's phone.

  • Jose

    Thanks alot!!!

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  • Emily

    Thank God! This worked like a charm. I have over 6000 songs, games, contacts, videos and TV shows all saved in perfect condition, what bliss I am in again. Thank you for this valuable tip it was greatly appreciated.

  • Matz

    Tnx m8e!!!!!

  • OJ

    Thanks a million!!

  • tom plant

    yea my ipod is jailbroken and it froe while setting a theme, i reset it and when the apple symbol came up the macintosh loading wheel thing froze?? what do i do

  • rudibob

    worked for me

  • David Wright

    Didn't work for me. Looks like it was caused by a corrupted mail database – every time I got a pushed e-mail, the iPhone bricked itself!

    Pressing the sleep and home keys didn't do anything – kept them pressed for 2 minutes. It would generally wake itself up after a couple of hours, but the iPhone was offline at that time (not trackable by MobileMe, no incoming calls etc.).

    This was a real "remove the battery, count to 10 and replace" type crash… Unfortunately, with the sealed battery, that wasn't an option.

    As the iPhone was less than 3 days old (after waiting 5 weeks for delivery!), I took it back, it was returned unrepaired, then it bricked itself within 2 hours!

    The next time it was returned, unrepaired, I rebuilt the iPhone – entered all the settings manually – as opposed to restoring from the last backup. Fingers crossed, it hasn't had any problems since.

  • pamela

    thanks!-the screen on my ipod touch froze so i tried to do this and it worked in less then 10 seconds and it didnt delete anything!-im just happy i read this and that its fixed


  • Robert

    Got a second-gen iPod Touch, bought the 3.1.1 update. After several attempts at updating it (all failures), it freezes, showing the apple logo and what looks like an empty LOADING bar, minus the word LOADING. I reset it, and now it won't turn on. I connect it to iTunes, and it says it needs to be restored. Does it? NO.

  • srinu

    sorry, it didnt worked for me, can any one tell how to reset the iphone 3g

  • Okay so I bought an itouch of my buddy so I wanted 2 start from scratch so I had tha itouch wipe out afta it finish loadin all it does now its stay wit tha apple sign n won't load jus stays there…any help!

  • ana

    this like saved my life if my mom and dad found out man i would be a gone er lol : )

  • Works in under 10 sec… sometimes it hangs at the apple logo is the battery is almost dead… it'll wait until there's enough juice and then will start (considering you have it plugged to your charger or USB cable) those of you who are stuck… do the restore with iTunes… only make sure you're holding down shift when clicking restore so it actually does that.

  • RENE'


  • Isabelle

    I'm so happy, worked for me and took less than 10 seconds before the apple logo appeared but then took a while to reboot itself and nothing was wiped out.

  • snp

    u are awesome

  • JTK

    fucking love you

  • Thanks a lot man! My iTouch froze up out of nowhere and what you said helped me reset it!

  • devin

    yea i have done this 3 times, but no matter what, every single time, the apple thing comes back up, like its sapost to, then it keeps bringing up this picture of a USB cord with an arrow going into itunes, but when i plug my ipod into itunes, it says i must first unlock my ipod, but it wont let me, so idk what to do

  • jess

    Forgot the lock code now its disabled

  • Qwerty

    thank you so much! My itouch screen had been black and unresponsive for 2 days until i finally found you advice.thank you!thank you! thank you!

  • Ishan

    Thanks a ton man!! .. I had got my iPod about a week ago and it froze up right now.. and nothing that i did was making it work.. Thanks a million!!

  • KELS

    So, my friend gave me her ipod touch to put music on it and kept giving me the wrong passcode!!!! so now it says ipod is diabled connect to itunes
    But it wont!! it says i need to enter the passcode when it wont let me and its wrong!!!
    How do I get it working again!?!?!
    I tried the reset thing and it said it was an ipod in the middle of recovery


  • Josh

    my ipod is locked up i think.. my screen has a usb cord goin to itunes and it wont let me on itunes because i have to set my password… i read on here it happend to devin on nov 6th. need help.

  • dan

    I have the same problem as josh and devin I get a usb cord and an itune icon but nothing after that. What can I do

  • Jeannie

    My iPod Touch says i'm locked out for 20959996 minutes!! Help me! Please!

  • stephan


  • Amy

    I have the same problem as Dan, Devin and Josh with the USB/itunes sign coming up and not allowing me to enter my passcode. Please can you help me!

  • Jessica

    thanx it helped out alot!!!!!!

  • Do what it says i had the same prob it saying dat then i held the wake button and home button for 10 seconds then everything i had came back

  • Jeremy

    Omg thanks that helped cause was screen was blank for a while.

  • dadada

    is that for if your apps open for like two sec. then go back to the home screen?

  • my apps only open for 2 seconds then go back to the home screen… somebody said that this would help it but it did not…whenever i plug it into itunes it does not show up….how do i fix that!?!?!

  • Cory

    This isnt working for me. I do the reset but it just turns on again with the same problem..I tried to put music on it, and now its just saying its connecting to Itunes constantly.

  • i have justt had an ipod touch for christmas and as soon as i turn it on, it comes up with a usb wire and it says its connecting to itunes when its not even plugged in, it hasnt even got to the home page yet is this ipod broke should i take it back? i have tryed to reset does nothing?

  • Joe

    Got ipod 8gb itouch. My ipod is locked
    and I can't remember my paascode. Can any
    body let me know how to reset the passcode.


  • anya

    my apps open for 1/2 a secnd then close i tried to reset my ipod touch but it did not work!

    do u know what i hould do?

  • Gabriel

    i have an 8 GB i pod touch and every time i connect it to my computer it says it's locked with a passcode,any one know how to fix it?

  • seanmarie

    i got the 8gb ipod touch for christmas, and i set my passcode, and have forgotten it! i read this three times, tried to reset, and it is STILL disabled for 53 minutes!!! im really stuck and cant remember how to fix it!! does anyone know how to reset iut? if you have the answer PLEASE EMAIL ME: make the subject of the email "about your ipod" please & thankyou

  • seanmarie

    try this Plug in your iPod

    Go to "My Computer"

    Go to your iPod's drive (F for me)

    Make sure you can see all hidden folders (If you aren't sure go to Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, and check Show)

    After that click iPod_Control

    Click the folder called "Device"

    And then change it from _locked, to _unlocked :D:D

  • seanmarie

    when you plug in your ipod, click on your ipod on itues and click "restore" clcick yes. it will take everything off of your ipod.

  • it worked for me thnx

  • elllllliiiiiiiieeee

    hi i have just brought a new ipod touch for my brother, i have downloaded some free games on App Store. The games have been working for about 2 days, but they have stopped opening. They seem to open for about 1/2 and then close again.
    Do you know what i could do?

  • emilyyy

    thank you so much!

  • Jorge


  • Citlali

    OMG I absolutly love you. Mi mom and dad would have killed me. I owe you big time. Thank you sooo much!

  • Hey my brother disabled my iPod, and its telling me to plug it in to itunes, but when I do that it wont do anything. Some one please help me.

  • Nimbo343

    Someone please help me!
    I decided to wipe my ipod touch completely, so i could give it to my brother. when it started wiping the data, i gave it to my brother, who apparently did something, and now it won't startup.. not even after resetting it :s
    if you have solution, please mail me:
    I'm REALLY desperate!

  • anthony

    how do you rest it form the pass code.. cuz a friend of my give me a itouch and he does not rember the code plz help

  • leticia

    thank u very much

  • kate

    ok i got a new ipod for cristmas and when i try to turn it on a picture of a usb cord shows up with an arrow pointing to itunes how do i get this off aff it so i can use it again??

  • Annoymous

    I just bought an ipod touch from my friend but they fell out of contact the code is still there is there any other way to reboot ? Email _

  • tola

    have got a 8gb iphone and i av d same problem everybody has my little nephew changed my code pls help out bro

  • Morgan

    Okay my ipod touch got stolen at school. I got it back when some one tried to sell it to my friend.They changed the passcode and i can't unlock it can you please help me?????

  • spease

    my sons ipod was stolen at school and if i find out who has it they are in deep shit….the ipod is a very pricey item that was brought for xmas im saden at the way the school has handled this case and even pissed at my son yet god forgives yet i wont forget so if anyone has any idea who stole it from my sons locker call the police on regan high schools theif of the year….

  • halil

    ı have ordered a pin code on my ipod touch but my little brother has blocked ı can not open againn..bcs it said ''2568345 minutes later try it again''ı do noıt know what to do..can ı reset it.? or how can ı reset it?

  • gierado

    i need help! i rebooted my ipod and it shows connect to itunes. i dont have itunes that i can use please help me email me at thank you

  • codey

    i just bought a 8g ipod touch from my friend but i forgot my password and i have tryed to reset but every time i plug it in to reset it says that i cant reset cuz it is locked plzz help

  • jeanie

    after pressing the home and the sleep button, it turned into the "apple logo" but it keeps loading . wt can i do about it?

  • Parez

    When i do wat u said, it doesnt work. when i press them both for 10 secs nothing happenes. help me plz 🙁 ( i have an ipod touch 8GB)

  • Jennifer

    i tried everything and i followed the steps and it either shows the ipod label or asks me if i want to turn it off! HELP PLEASE!

  • jugraj

    nuthing is happening its all dead …
    i try everything plz plz help

  • Seandell

    i have an ipod touch and the response im getting is to connect device to itunes. i have an apple computer and when i connect them the computer doesn't find device. hellp me what do i do now?

  • kenny

    i love you you fixed it !!!!!!

  • Joe

    thank you so much you saved the day!

  • Dominique

    I bought an ipod touch an wen i charged it up it was already locked i really need help unlocking it.

  • Dan

    Thanks! You saved my ipod (and me)! I've never had any significant problems with it like this b4.

  • Jeff

    HELP i have an 8 gb ipod touch and everytime i try to open my music the screen goes white for 20 seconds and then it goes back to the home page! I AM GOING TO DIE WITHOUT MY MUSIC! and i cant have it rebooted because i have over 70 apps and 450 songs i cant lose it all!!!!

  • macospat

    OMG THX!

  • Robert

    my 32G ipod toutch will not get passed the apple screan when turned on or rebooted and dose not come up when connected to computer

  • faye

    Hi, I did what you said because my ipod when i turned it on came on with the sign itunes + (a usb stick) and when i plugged it in to the pc it said i couldnt connect to it coz it had a password and it said please type in your password but i couldnt type it in coz it still said itunes and the arrow and the usb stick and when i held it down for 10 seconds the apple logo came up after that it come back up with the itunes and the usb stick again so i plugged it in again to my pc and it said the same thing again, it cannot connect to itunes because there is a password on the ipod but i cannot type the password like i said beacause it still has the itunes + usb stick logo! Its really annoying me now please help me!
    email me what I can do to get itm fixed other than taking it to an apple store…
    My email is above the message 🙂
    Thanks x

  • Dan


  • Herminia

    I am having the exact same problem as faye. The rebooting thing is not working. So frustrating. Has anyone found any other solutions?


  • ww

    AAAH! I cannot thank you enough! I was so worried that I would never be able to use my iPod Touch again… <3

  • Chris

    Okay, first I got the apple logo for quite a while and was worried it got now frozen on the logo with no reboot whatsoever.

    Then, I've tried again your trick by actually holding both buttons pressed for really 10 seconds (the first time I didn't wait that long), and it worked!!!

    So here's for the folks experiencing no fix: YOU GOTTA HOLD THEM BUTTONS FOR REALLY 10 SECONDS!!! (less will show the apple logo but won't work)

  • hey i didnt work for me i have a 8 gb 1st gen. ipod touch and i lost it then i found it and i had a passcode but it still didnt work HELP ME!!!!!!

  • that guy

    Jailbreak it. I don't know how that is going to help you, but it is better than a normal ipod/iphone

  • Thanks a lot this worked perfectly

  • Tha people at da store said 80 DOLLARS to fix It. This just fixed it for free, and nothing deleted

  • dazzz

    i am soo annoyed plz helpp me same damn prob 🙁 helpp plz

  • Herminia

    I finally got it to work by giving to the tech at my job and he said he just plugged into the computer and he was able to choose the option to restore it which lost all my music and data but it works again! When I tried plugging it in, the device would not be recognized so I couldn't do anything.

  • big breazy

    worked great thanks!

  • michael

    disabled ipod touch need to reset how can do that tried to press the sleep/wake and home at the same time and connect it to my comp didn't work hat else can i try

  • justin

    Works great!! thanx for the hlp

  • kyle

    i tride to do that and it did not work my battry is dead to so that may be the problem but it will not tern on i did not do nuthing to it??? i need healp

  • Jesse Ahsatan

    I have a ?
    I went into settings,clicked on reset factory settings..knowin it would erase all data,said it would take 4 hours to restore, so I left it ON over nite. Woke up in the morning and it had the apple logo with the black backgroud, so I tried to plug it in,open up itunes and no respones… umm…it shows a circular workin dial thing, and flashes a blank black screen then back to the apple logo again…
    What should I do?????

  • Intisar

    Thanks so much!

  • Adrienne

    You are my lord and savior.

  • Dan

    its not working cuz my sleep/wake button doesnt work. what should i do if i dont want all my stuff being erased. plz help

  • It worked for me! TANK U!

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    it workeddd!* thancksss. !*

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    Thanks so much, immediately helped!!

  • Roberto

    just download itunes its freeware, it also gives you the ability to restore your ipod

    go for it b**chs

  • MR.funkychicken

    My ipod touch has been locked and i now have to plug it into the computer i do all the updates on and well i didnt have one… what should i do?? i have to save as well so i cant afford to repair it.

  • EmiPen

    @ Jesse Ahsatan…I think you're the 8th unanswered person who had asked the same question here and I could be the 9th. Fortunately, i found this advise from the apple discussion:

    See if you can force the phone into recovery mode:

    Leave the USB cable connected to your computer, but NOT your phone, itunes running, press & hold the home button while connecting the USB cable to your dock connector, continue holding the home button until you see “Connect to iTunes” on the screen. You may now release the home button. iTunes should now display that it has detected your phone in recovery mode, if not quit and reopen iTunes. If you still don’t see the recovery message repeat these steps again. iTunes will give you the option to restore from a backup or set up as new.

    If this doesn't work, make an appointment at an Apple store, as you may very well have a hardware problem.

    or to go:

  • iLuMiNaTi

    ok, ive seen this step in many different sites, and tried it many times but it wont work, i dont get it wat should i do first? i switch off the phone, then hold the home button for a while?, lol if i hold it for ages i wont get the message im supposed to get. Correct me if i did anything wrong here.

  • Hi I have a big problem with my ipod touch that will not turn back even after restoration it displays white screen
    if it please if any one could help m

  • Hussein

    Can someone help me with Dell Inspiron 5100
    Service Tag #5WC0P0J-A95B

    Need CMOS / BIOS password.

    Thanks heaps.

  • darkstar

    i forgot my password so i can get passed the screenlock what do i have 2 do? and if i reset it will i have 2 enter a password still or what?

  • ziggy

    my ipod touch jus has a blank white screen and the sleep/awake and home button reset isnt working when i do it it jus makes a camera sound anyone that could help would be vry much appreciated thanks

  • samantha

    thank you soooo much ! i was crying bc my ipod wouldnt turn on ! then, i read this and it did ! thank you !

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    i did it but it didnt work 🙁 what should i do ? please help me

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    OMG you just saved my ipod from being thrown against the wall and smashed into a thousand pieces. Thank you, thank you. Technology is such rubbish sometimes!! Drives me insane….

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  • Sabrina

    My apps won't open.
    They only come on for two seconds tops, then it goes back to home screen.
    I've tried the hard reset and it still won't work.
    Also I did just get the 4.0 upgrade, does that have something to do with why my apps won't work?

  • Shirley

    @Sabrina, my ipod does that too. Apparently changing the time helps, but it never worked for me.

    So i download another app from the app store (any), and then once it's finished installing, the other apps open up fine. Problem is it happens again after a while /: I just have to keep doing that so yea, hope this helped.

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    my ipod touch still won't reset after pressing both buttons at the same time and holding for 10 seconds…any other suggestions?

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    okay i did this and it just goes back to the apple. :@

  • jalwardi

    Thank you so much ..
    It was really helping ..
    For a day I thought I lost my itouch
    But thanks to u I got it back !!
    Thanks again !!
    Saved a life

  • well that helps i guess i havnt tried it yet but my iphone is locked and it se=ays its disabled

  • i meen says not se=ays

  • David

    Thank you. This helped me salvage my iPod after a mishap during an update install.

    Thank you. You saved me a trip down to the Apple store.

  • Andre

    I reseted my iPod touch and the apple logo appeared and its stayed like that for about 3 days.

  • iPod Guy

    Thanks so much, got back my iPod from a problem with redsn0w.

  • Tim

    tried it my ipod still wont respond. do i have to let it die now

  • May

    Thanks! oh and also if u have a frozen app (like i did) just go to the frozen app and reset from there. It worked for me hope it works for everyone else too! 😀

  • Syifa

    thank you very much.. it's workin.. cool ^^d

  • paulo

    damn. it worked, but my ipod did not open anymore. it's just a blank screen. what will i do?

  • I Did Pressed it For 10 secs… its Hanging While Loading…. Does it Takes Long Tym… ??? To Start . . . .??

  • pablo

    if you smash your ipod it fixes all your ipod troubles.

  • atevs

    this is for all whos iphone and ipod stack on to aple page: I recently got into some trouble while playing around with my iPod Touch 2G in which I thought the device was bricked. It was not recognized when plugged into the USB port on a Windows XP computer and it appeared no matter what I did it was not able to power on. When restoring some firmware onto the iPod Touch 2G the device never came back from a reboot. Even worse yet was the fact that the power button was not fully operational so I was never sure if I was actually getting the correct button press to put the device into DFU mode. Below are some tips that could assist you to recover the device from this step.

    The first thing to do is simply attempt to get the device into DFU mode. This can be done following the steps below.

    Put iPod Touch 2G Into DFU Mode:
    Plug Into USB Port: First make sure your Touch is plugged into your computer via the USB port even if it doesn’t appear to be recognized.
    Hold Power Button: First hold the iPod Touch Power button for 3 seconds.
    Hold Power Button & Home Button: While still holding the Power button begin to hold the Home button for 10 seconds. In this second step you will have not let go of the Power button from step one and you will also be holding the Home button at the same time.
    Continue To Hold Home Button: Let go of the Power button but still hold the Home button for 30 seconds. Make sure to continue to hold the Home button for 30 seconds.
    Verify Device Recognized: Verify the device is now recognized by checking the USB devices or via iTunes. It should now show up in iTunes but will request that you Restore the device.

    I still was unable to get the above working because the Power Button was not working correctly. Luckily I had already taken the glass off of the iPhone and it was still fairly loose. So to resolve the issue I removed the glass again and then removed the Power Button itself. This can be done by removing the two screws holding the metal that holds the plastic button itself in place. Once you remove these two screws the plastic piece will actually fall out once the screws of the metal bracket are removed and the bracket itself moved out of the way. I left the plastic button itself removed and then screwed the metal bracket back in place. On the bracket is a small metal circle that is what gets pressed when using the plastic button. You will need to use a small screwdriver or something like that to press the button now but I was able to get the power to consistantly turn on and turn off now with the plastic piece removed. Obviously this makes the phone more fragile because there is a hole in the outer shell of the iPhone so be careful. This is only recommended to do if your iPod Touch is out of warranty and you have exhausted all other possibilities. I wrote this because I saw many people asking this question online and very few answers so I hope this helps someone else that thought their Touch was useless. From my experience it is basically impossible to brick your iPod Touch 2G.

  • atevs

    and ITS WORKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ALex

    im having to wait a while for the apple to pop up andi did everything it said

  • yuli

    ive done this more than once already and it still doesnt work becouse when i connect it to itunes it ses i have to unlock it cut i cant.!

  • sarah

    i have an ipod touch and all of a sudden my ipod froze. so i held the power off button and the home button and it froze on that screen and it won't respond to the "taps" when i say power off or "cancel"
    what should i do? i really don't want to restart my whole ipod, but if need be, i will.
    please, let me know asap!
    email me or something!

  • sarah

    if you have the same problem like i do..
    i got this from.. "atevs" on this site.
    thank you!

    Put iPod Touch 2G Into DFU Mode:
    Plug Into USB Port: First make sure your Touch is plugged into your computer via the USB port even if it doesn’t appear to be recognized.
    Hold Power Button: First hold the iPod Touch Power button for 3 seconds.
    Hold Power Button & Home Button: While still holding the Power button begin to hold the Home button for 10 seconds. In this second step you will have not let go of the Power button from step one and you will also be holding the Home button at the same time.

  • saint boy

    fuck it dosent even work it still tells me to onlock the ipod but i can becouse the itunes connect thing is on the screen help me please to put it backto it normality =((

    wilma + me

  • michael

    im having a problem wiht my ipod touch it was working fine until i pushed restor to factory setting s and then it only shows the apple logo and it only shows this on charge

  • Lana

    thankz bagt his kang info! i got the ipod was frozen jg usb plug it fits me! tp try to reset my pass! WORKS .. thanks bgt!

  • twistedviolator

    i havee a very big problem an i feel helpless. it started wen i realized that everytime i plug my ipod touch to itunes and itunes would crash everytime it tried to sync…i decided that it was a problem with my i touch so i decided to do a master reset that would clear out all data and media off the ipod touch, it said it would take an hour…it started out well enough until during the process my battery died…i plugged in the charge and the apple loggo appeared with that "wait" thingy…for the past 12 hours that is all that has been appearing on the screen, it would occasionally turn off and come back on showing the same thing…i tried plugging the ipod to my pc, it isnt detected…sumone please help…

  • lauren

    my ipod touch says that i have to reconnect to itunes but i cant because i have a passcode on it and i get take the passcode off because i cant get onto my ipod can someone please help??

  • Shanice

    Comment 234 works. I hooked my brothers ipod up to my laptop so it wasn't his itunes don't know if that made a different, but after I did what comment 234 said itunes asked me if I wanted to restore the ipod I clicked yes. It started downloading a software update but then the ipod shut off so I waited until itunes finished the download then plugged it back in and did what comment 234 said. It starting uploading the updates and it restored. Just so you know restoring your ipod will erase all your media off it.

  • anika

    how do i reset my password cause its saying its incorrect when i know it right

  • Jordyn

    I rebooted my ipod to clear all of the info and junk off of it. And the Apple logo came up and the little spinner comes up and rotates meaning its loading or rebooting, whatever. But it's been on this same black screen with the apple and loading sign since last night and it just keeps loading. I let the battery drain and plugged it back into my MAC to charge and it does, but the computer doesn't even recognize that i plugged a device into the computer. What's wrong? What can I do?

  • federico

    hey i rebooted my ipod touch and now im stuck in hte apple logo part i´ve made everything u guys said but nothing seem to work plz email me with an answer

    plzzzzzzzzzz……i miss so MUCH…..T.T

  • Shaylene

    i wanted to erase my i Pod completely so i went on settings and re-setted my whole i Pod and it said it'll only take an hour but its still doing the same thing for about 6 hrs already with the apple logo and spinner i tried to reboot it but it did nothing! tell me what to do please?!

  • Chris

    Pedant alert… you said…

    To reset the iPhone or iPod Touch, press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously at the same time for at least ten seconds.

    'at the same time' IS simultaneously…



    my son plyed with my ipod touch 8GB and accidently chang the pine number and i can not open it.
    can any body help me please?

  • sara boo

    i pressed both buttoms for ten seconds. now its stuckk on a screen sayin to plug the ipod into n iturns ..wat do i do??

  • tabby

    we rebooted my ipod touch and now its stuck on the apple loading screen , and wont do anything… help ?

  • my ipod is kicking itself out of music when i want to play a song. what do i do? ive tried to reset it and it is not working. help me please!!!!!

  • roseellie

    so my brother gave me his ipod touch and i decided to reboot it so i went to the settings and it said it should be working with in an hr and its been almost 5hrs and all that shows is the apple logo loading CAN someone PLEASEEEEE helppp !

  • i rebooted my ipod 3g and it said it will be only an hour and its stuck on the apple pag with the spining loading sign.. and hasnt changed since about 2 hours!!
    what can i do?!?!?

  • Hencey

    you didn't need to type all that nonsense before saying how to restart………..

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    Keep on sharing info 😀

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    I tried doing it and it did go blank.But when I opened the phone my screen is still zoomed in and couldnt fix it. If any one knows how to fix it, please let me know !

  • Sandy

    that happened to me too.
    im so scared that it will be stuck on the same screen. &im been searching how to get it off that screen. can someone please help me?

  • emma

    i have done this and it does not work so i think that you should do another strachity on how to reset your ipod touch.

  • Hector


    And this is what i did…. I follow comment 234 intructions.. OR 229, it says it si for Ipod Touch 2g but it works on my 4g

    STEP 1.- Make shure your ipod is plugged to the PC,(it does not matter if the pc don´t recognice the device), then Push the sleep/wake button for 3 seconds

    STEP 2.-then while you are presing the sleep/wake up botton, you press the home button, (at this time you have to be pressing both)keep pressing both bottons for 16 more seconds.

    STEP 3.- releas the sleep/wake up botton, but you don´t releas the home botton you still pressing it for about 5 more seconds

    At this time your computer must recognice your device. and your Itunes will ask you to restore it.

    If this does not work keep traying until it does, change the pressing bottons period from 16 to 18 and form 5 to 7.

    I'm sorry obout my english but i haent use it for about 10 years, and i hope this is helpfull.

    • Expungebob

      Thank you so much for the expanded help!!!! This did the trikc perfectly for my ipod touch which just stopped working one night. It sucks to have to restore and lose everything on it, but happy to have your help to guide me through. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  • miss princess

    what if the screen won't let you to slide to unlock it what do u then?

  • dk

    hi there
    i just screwed myself:(
    i bought i phone 2g from e bay last year,,with jailbreak and unlocked,,i was using my sim perfectly till i downloaded this software. and it got locked,,and its showing that this sim is not compatible with iphone,
    please help me to ged rid of this problem as i am expecting important calls today,
    thnx mate

  • Broderick

    I put a password on my new ipod touch and ive either forgotten it or presed the wrong button and i cannot get back into it. i tried refreashing it on my itunes but the password was stilll required after that.
    can i get help please

  • mee

    thanks so much my ipod kept turning white when i pressed power and wouldn't shut down i didn't reset it at first because apple only told me the way that would make it delete all data thanks again

  • kellen

    thank you so much
    I just got a new ipod touch and i dropped it like not even a foot off my bed onto my pillow and it wouldn't turn on after that if my mom found out she would have killed me thanks again

  • Peter

    Problem with stuck apple screen while booting iPod 3G 64GB solved by article 234.
    iPod started then in recovery mode and was recognized by iTunes with no problem.

  • Melissa Sarajo

    Thank you for sharing!
    Short list of pros and cons about the iPod touch
    -Slick,small and light device
    -Great touch screen
    -The BEST web browser on a portable device
    -Amazing video/music playback
    -App Store (Too many cool applications for Free)
    -Display screen is clear and bright
    -No bugs and annoying stuff a very reliable hardware
    -64GB Flash based mp3 player

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    Thanks Hector! So far, so good – I HOPE!

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    this sucks before i even came to this site my i pod had a black screen with a white apple and my i pod wont even show up on i tunes

  • dvante

    do you have to hook it up to the comput because i watched alot of videos doing the same thing but they said plug it up to pc but i dnt have a pc cable n i dont want to buy soo is there a way i can reset it without hooking it up to my pc i need hellp bad n its 4g

  • awesome happy

    @below yeah you dont need it to be plugged in

  • david

    how can you delated other users off a ipod touch

  • Juda

    Locating my stolen ipod

  • iPod dude

    @Hector That is just putting your iPod/iPhone/iPad into DFU mode. You are required to do those steps to jaibreak the iPod.Sometimes jailbreaking systems usually break out of DFU mode for you. But some don't , so you have to install something.Or that is Recovery Mode. If you want to keep all your data while jailbreaking. DON'T DO THAT!!! If you did you did something wrong.I recommend you use redsn0w to jailbreak.Here are the steps:1. Plug in your iP to the computer. 2. Turn it off. 3. Hold the power/sleep button for 3 seconds. 4. Without letting go of the power/sleep button,hold the home button( button with square on it) for 10 seconds. 5. Let go of the power/sleep button but keep hold on the home button for 15 seconds. 6. iTunes should NOT detect it and your screen should be blank and black/gray. 7. Run redsn0w and do the process. Pick your options. Wait until your finished with the program. Then wait until your iP flashes white. A terminal like text appears. Then a pineapple. Let everything happen.
    Congrats, you just jailbroke your iP.

    KEY: iP: iPod/iPhone/iPad
    redsn0w: Jailbreaking system
    power/sleep button: Button in the corner
    home button: The button you always press to exit out of an app.

    Hope this helped!!!!!

  • franki

    hi my ipod touch cant close ! what can I do?

  • morgrim

    ok so my ipod touch is locked and someone changed the password so i cant even reset it and i need help plz

  • Josie

    Thank you so much!

  • jayde

    i accidentally reset my ipod touch password and now it says disabled connect to itunes but the computer i first sunc my ipod with has been chucked out already so i tried the thing where you hold the 2 buttons until it comes to recovery mode and that worked finfe but halfway through t always says connection has timed out and wont reset for me??? does anyone know how to fix this? please help

  • zack federer

    i pressed erase all on mi ipod touch and i tried to restore it without a computer and it has been like frozen for an hour is this normal if not what can i do do fix it

  • Nicki

    Help I have just been on the holiday of a lifetime and taken photos with my iphone – just updated my phone with itunes and it has now decided to go into recovery mode. I have tried rebooting but nothing has worked and I am damned if I am going to lose my photos because of Apple! Please help this is so upsetting!

    Thanks you

  • brandon lewis

    i tried to reset my ipod by holdin sleep/awake button an it didnt reset it what do i do

  • ponlork

    i have problem when erase iphone.

  • finley

    hi could you help me i have a normal ipod touch it doesnt turn on or even charge an wen i plug it in to the pc it doesnto read it on itunes

  • rosie

    i have a lock on my i pod touch and it want let me get on to my i pod now it is saying i need to conect it to the computor and then i do that and i says it cant do anything until i un lock it can u help me on what to do would be a big hep thanks

  • abhinav

    thanks a lot ………………….

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  • Emily

    My iopod is stuck on the apple screen, and none of these suggestions are working. Someone pleaseeeeee help 🙁

  • abbi

    Alright, I tried to reset my iPod Touch while it was installing an app. It now is stuck on the apple logo screen/ I reset it a few times after and it's still stuck, I tried connecting it to the computer… and nothing!! Please helpppp!!

  • Lennon Mullen

    I tried this with my iPod touch and nothing happened. I held it down dor at least 2 minutes and retried multiple times. Does this have to do with the fact that my iPod is 3rd Generation, not the new 4th Generation? Please help…. :c

  • Kaitlin

    I was trying to play a game and my ipod touch froze up on me….. I don't know what to do and I don't know how to reset it. It has a weird little wheel thing on it. It looks like a tool or something and putting it in iTunes doesn't work…. Any help??

  • tiGZ

    You sir are a life saver. My ipod turned white when i went to unlock it. Was worried all night that i wouldnt be able to use it.

  • Greta

    Wow, worked great! Thanks.

  • chris

    my ipod has frozen on me many time as to restarting it..but this time the Apple sign pops and it wont reset itself. What should i do?

  • Britelle

    I have an ipod4 which plays music however when it goes to the next song it closes out and ten goes to the home screen. Have tried to reset but did not fix. Help me……………………

  • tony

    my ipod touch 4 is in recovery mode but i do not want to reset it and lose all my stuff what do i do now?

    • Maria

      i havee the samee problem !

  • jr

    my ipod touch i forgot my password how cAN I reset it to get on it

  • jennifer w

    my ipod is saying its disabled what do i do please email me

  • Rickster

    My Ipod say's it's disabled for 21,701,262 minutes ( 41 years and some odd minutes)

  • ripan

    thank you very much hector. i am able to restore my ipod touch……

  • Dustin Lombardi

    my brother passed away a few months ago and my ipod was hooked up to his computer and I cant use it. my itouch is locked and when you turn it on it says ipod is disabled connect to itunes. can you please help me fix this, even if i gotta reset or restore this. i dont know how. and it wont let me hook up to my sisters itunes either. it says please enter passcode and theres no place to do that w/o his computer.

  • Andrea

    thanks pal, you saved my day =)

  • Kevin

    Thanks dude, that helps a lot 😀

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    Great, but you didn't tell us to hold down the sleep/wake button for another 10 seconds after the Apple logo comes up…. Anyway it's working fine now, thanks

  • tommy

    thanks , this helped me open cydia

  • Kerry

    I tried this but instead of the Apple logo I keep getting the low battery image. ?!?!?! :S

  • irma

    mine is stuck at the apple symbol its like a skull whats that mean?

  • wim

    is there a way to re-boot an Apple 3GS if the on/off button does not allow a turn off to the Apple logo

  • Ed

    mine is frozen or something!? it says it is still connected to itunes

  • kim jhon

    whats wrong with my iphone???? why i cant scroll it down???? and is has a voice every time i click an icon….. how can i restore it to normal :((….

  • Danielle

    my ipod touch 4th generation is stuck with the apple logo and a bar unerneath of it, it wont do anything! ive read the manuals online and the one that came with the itouch but it still doesnt tell me how…. im getting kinda freaked- HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • julia

    thanks saved me.

  • Paul

    My child’s ipod touch is frozen with vertical lines on the screen. There is no response to reset instructions. ??????????????????????

  • megan :(

    my i pod wont turn on after anything i do

  • cheryl

    I tried the reboot. The apple pops up but just stays there, still frozen. Is there any other suggestions to fix this?

  • Zara

    Kerry have you tried putting it on the charger???(I’m only ten but i have had all these problems on my Ipod!!!!)

  • Karen

    THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!! You were a HUGE help!! Have a GREAT day!!!! :p

  • herenui

    moi j’ai un gros problème je n’arrive pas à réinitialiser mon ipod touch! il ne s’allume même pas pourquoi? dit le moi s’il vous plaît

  • Vince

    Merci pour cette info grandement utile lorsque l’ipod se bloque…. capricieuse cette petite bête :o))

  • Marcelo

    hello all!!! my iphone is locked and won’t allow me to use, the message says “try again in 22,340,442 minutes” this usually happens when you type the wrong pass code but how can I reset it? because that is a lot of minutes to wait…:) Please help !!
    iPhone 4

    • Seena

      How was it disable for 42 years?

  • Richard

    Hi, my iPhone 3GS won’t let me make or receive calls, the apps and web connection work fine but the phone itself just won’t work. Any suggestions please.


    i want to reset my iphone

    • kelly

      yeah…. save yourself the hassle, heartache and agro of these data stealing corrupt devices and go for and os and device that works…. go buy yourself a samsung galaxy on android

      • dallas

        Nobody wants a piece of shit android wtf are you even talking aboout haha

  • fano

    i changed my password on my ipod touch from the number one to the letter one and forgot my password and now i cant unlock it any help ? m ipod dosent have the camera

  • Jen

    My son’s 8GB ipod touch is not responding to reset. I tried as describe holding both buttons down. The apple logo appears then disappears and we can’t do anything at all on it. Just a blank screen. Sometimes the password screen will appear but again goes right off quickly. Are there any other resets I can do on my own or do we need to take it to the Apple store?

  • jess

    my ipod touch wont let me get the new updaits of ios ive reset it lots of times but it still wont let me so what can i do about it please help

  • Shania

    my ipod touch 4th generation is frozen and i’ve tried everything but nothing works..i even tried resetting it..i did it three times but it still doesn’t work. do i need a new touch screen or touch pad thingy for it?

  • christine

    still didnt work for nothing