How To Sync via Bluetooth with WMDC in Windows Vista

»»»How To Sync via Bluetooth with WMDC in Windows Vista

Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) (aka ActiveSync) in Windows Vista supports synchronization between PDA and PC via Bluetooth connection. However, occasionally for odd reason such as your computer or Pocket PC is running on WidComm Bluetooth driver stack, the Bluetooth sync simply doesn’t work by simply selecting ‘Bluetooth’ in ‘Connection Settings’ in WMDC’s ‘Allow connection to one of the following’ option.

When a mobile device such as Pocket PC Phone detects and connects to a desktop or notebook computer via Bluetooth, it cannot determine if there’s any ActiveSync or WMDC service running in the background in the PC. To make thing worse, WMDC has dropped the ability to manually set the listening port for Bluetooth COM port. The older ActiveSync has this feature to support manual configuration of Bluetooth listening COM port.

The following registry hack provides the solution to unable to sync via Bluetooth with WMDC problem in Windows Vista. The registry hack has to be applied on desktop PC or laptop, and not the mobile device.

  1. Run Registry Editor (type regedit in Start Search and press Enter). Confirm any UAC dialog.
  2. Navigate to the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services

  3. In the right pane, locate the value name SerialPort. Modify the value data from the default value of “Bluetooth or “Infrared” to COM4, where COM4 is the virtual COM port associated to your Bluetooth incoming COM port. If your PC uses different COM port number, then choose the right COM port as the value (e.g. COM5, COM6 etc).
  4. Exit Registry Editor.

Once the registry is set, WMDC will bind to a Bluetooth virtual COM port as incoming listening port instead of the generic Bluetooth name, which may not work for non-standard driver stack.

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  • Mark Wetzel

    I tried this, but no luck. There are a number of posts where this is the problem. When you try to sync ftom the BT deivce you get a message that there is no partnership with a PC with activesync. Seems like the problem you are adressing but it doesn't fix the problem.

    HP dv9619us with Vista and WMDC 6.1

    Treo 700WX/Verizon

    Bluetooth can transfer files via beaming so that is partially working. Activesync works via USB so that's partially working.

    Any suggestions would be great.

  • Wan Park

    Same problem. It still doesn't work. I cannot create a outgoing COM # that is the same as what my computer is using. WM6 won't allow it for some reason.

  • Awesome instructions. Thanks very much for posting about this.

  • Darryl Anderson

    The only comment I would make is that I needed to make sure that the baud rate set was the same, the registry had a different rate to that specified against the com port in the bluetooth settings, once they were the same everything worked great.

    Thanks muchly.

  • Marcelo

    Great, It worked!!!! Thanks

  • Wim

    Great solution! Works Windows 7 and WM5.0!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Mike Welch

    Bumping this for those who run across it trying to get their device to sync over bluetooth: Remember that you must first establish a partnership VIA CABLE before attempting to switch the connection to bluetooth.

    I am currently trying to get an iPAQ rx3700 with non-upgradable Pocket PC 2003SE OS to sync via bluetooth in Windows 7. Why hang on to an old device like this? It was the last iPAQ to have consumer IR with Universal Electronic's Nevo which makes the device an ideal multimedia control device.

    Hopefully this suggestion will resolve the problem.


    //ike //elch

  • Mike Welch

    Thanks to Darryl Anderson's comment I have successfully connected the rx3700 to my Win7 PC using WMDC! Looks like changes to WMDC have made it possible to select the COM port via the WMDC UI now (earlier versions of WMDC did not apparently).

    On my machine, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows CE Services, the SerialPort value was correctly set to COM5 without any registry hacking required, but the SerialBaudRate was set to 115200. Looking at the value that was assigned to the port in Device Manager, the actual port was 9600. I changed the port via Device Manager to 115200 then on device told it to connect ActiveSync [now WMDC] via bluetooth and this time the handheld saw the service!

    I'm now connected without a cable and now can also use my device as a "mouse" on my multimedia PC.

    I'm in geek heaven. Selah!


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