Microsoft has released Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10061 to Windows Insider on the fast ring, which is by far the most latest build available through either through official channel as well as unofficial leaks.

However, if you’re adventurous person, you may have installed Windows 10 Build 10056, which was leaked unofficially. If so, you may encounter the issue where you’re offered the option to upgrade to build 10066, an internal build released internally for Microsoft employees, and caused the update to fail every time.

Use the following trick to get build 10061 through Windows Update. The following steps modify the registry to place the system in the fast ring when requesting new preview builds, and allow you to update directly from build 10056 to 10061.

  1. Open the Registry Editor by pressing Start and then type RegEdit, followed by Enter. If prompted with UAC, choose Yes.
  2. Go to the following registry key:


  3. Change the following registry values to the following data:


    Note: ThresholdInternal may be the only key that matters. If any of them does not exist, create them.

  4. Try or retry to check for updates in Windows Update again. You may need to restart the computer or restart the following services for Windows 10 Build 10061 to show up:

    BITS – Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    wuauserv – Windows Update