HP mp3320 Digital Projector is a mobile and portable projector that weights less than 2 kg (4 pounds) and with dimension less than 9.9 by 8.3 by 2.8 in (251 by 210 by 70 mm). HP mp3320 boasts superior brightness with 2,400 ANSI (max) lumen (lamp life 2000 hours or up to 4000 hours in economy mode) and is equipped with a super-sharp contrast ratio of 2,000:1, and capable of project sharp images with true XGA native resolution and VGA to SXGA+ scalability.

HP mp3320

TVs wrote in their review about HP mp3320 that “I liked the HP mp3320 projector quite a bit. It is light, small, easy to setup and use plus it has great picture quality. I also appreciated the little design features that make it an ideal unit for making presentations or just watching movies. The single small speaker is nothing to write home about but should be adequate for smaller audiences (if you need to set it up in an auditorium you’ll want to use an alternative sound system). The remote control is small and easy to use with enough power to let you point almost anywhere and still have the signals picked up by the projector. Moving the pointer around the screen is slow and awkward but it does work. Using the OSD is quite easy and there are more than enough options to adjust but the odds are you’ll only need to access the OSD occasionally (our unit seemed to be adjusted perfectly right out of the box). I liked the built-in lens cover and even the carry case has separate pouches inside for all your cables and quick start guides. The ability to mount it on a tripod is also a clever touch. The magenta color ramp problem was probably specific to our particular unit (likely covered under the warranty) and the rainbowing problem isn’t the projector’s fault so I’d have to say that neither count against its overall ratings. Finally, $1,399 is a very attractive price for a projector of this quality and versatility.”

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