I am not sure if anybody out there still using, or even still remember ICQ. ICQ, an oronym on the phrase “I seek you”, was one of the earliest available instant messaging protocol and program, available since 1996. Many people may have grown up together with just ICQ in their memory. But it seems like more and more Internet users switch to using Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (previously MSN Messenger) and Skype. This phenomena can be anticipated, as ICQ hasn’t gone through major upgrade since the release of ICQ Lite or ICQ 4. Worse, ICQ Lite series up to version 5.1 comes with useless Xtraz center.


With the release of ICQ 6, finally a major update to ICQ IM client has materialized. Some features and enhancements in ICQ 6 include:

  • Improved and streamlined user interface built from the ground up using AOL’s new rendering engine, Boxely (the same rendering engine used in AIM Triton).
  • Quick IM which enables users to send messages to contacts without opening a message window.
  • Easy access simple navigation between unread incoming messages.
  • 2-way SMS.
  • Tabbed conversations (ICQ calls it grouped conversations).
  • New and improved search history of messages, files, and calls with History Miner.
  • Search capabilities through contacts, on ICQ, and on the web.
  • Sound clips were produced and augmented by the psychedelic trance duo Infected Mushroom.
  • New interface for voice calls.
  • Total preferences control.
  • Quicker & easier way to send files.

Direct download link for ICQ 6. More information about ICQ here.

Update: ICQ 6 is obsolete with newer version available.