Zboard MERC, a gaming keyboard from Ideazon which also makes the swappable-keyset Zboard keyboard, is powered with ZEngine Technology which gives gamers pre-defined key layouts (a.k.a. MOD Files) and the ability to easily switch between them for today’s top PC gaming titles. The gaming keyboard features dedicated gaming terrain that combines 34 gaming keys, a deadly central butterfly layout, three thumb keys and 11 weapon keys, plus multimedia key, programmable hot keys and enhanced QWERTY keyboard.

Zboard MERC

IGN gave the Zboard MERG gaming keyboard the rating of 9 out of possible 10, and concluded that the Zboard MERC is an excellent innovation in gaming-specific keyboard design. The layout and butterfly keys expand upon and improve the original Zboard’s design. While the MERC forgoes the cool limited edition game-specific Zboard keysets, it is a far more versatile keyboard as a result and won’t require upgrades down the road. The Zboard Engine software is excellent, intuitive, and powerful, and Ideazon has a solid history of keeping up with new releases with downloadable MOD Files. In the end, it’s one of the very few keyboards that actually deserve to be called gaming-specific, and any PC gamer who’s ever been blasted due to cramped hands or slow weapon switching should definitely give the MERC a try.

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