When using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) in Windows Vista to surf and browse the Internet, the following “Work Offline” error message may appear occasionally pop-up no matter during surfing normal webpages or secured encrypted HTTPS pages even though the Internet connection or wireless access appears to be connected.

“No connection to the Internet is currently available. To view internet content that has been saved on your computer, click work offline.

Click Try Again to attempt to connect.”

IE7 Work Offline Message

Users have 2 options – Work Offline or Try Again. Normally click on Try Again button will load the web page properly without any problem, but this annoying message and step is troublesome and time wasting.

The problem happens most likely due to the new addition feature in IE7 in Vista – Protected Mode. Protected Mode is a security enhancement to browsing experience that minimizes the risk of getting infected with Trojans or viruses and getting attacked by hackers.

Thus for the workaround or solution to the “No connection to the Internet is currently available” error prompt that occasionally appeared even when there is no problem to network connection is to try to disable Protected Mode. However, turn off Protected Mode in IE 7 will expose computer to security risk. For a better solution, try to disable UAC (User Access Control). If it works and there is no longer any no connection error, then enable UAC again. If this trick works, the error prompt likely to will not appear again.