iGo North America 2006 with My Way Navigation Software Reviews

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iGo North America 2006 My Way Navigation Software 2006 is a GPS navigation software for PDA running Microsoft Windows Mobile with SD card slot. The main feature of the iGo My Way Navigation Software 2006 for North America is easy of use. There is no need to download any maps, install any software through ActiveSync or do any registration online. iGo North America 2006 comes in the package of 1GB SD or mini SD memory card with adapter. Together with a GPS receiver, iGo My Way can also perform voice prompted turn-by-turn navigation.

iGo North America 2006

the::unwired reviews iGo North America 2006 which comes with iGo My Way Navigation Software 2006 and concludes that iGo My Way definitely gives TomTom a good run for its money. There are things that iGo My Way does better than TomTom and there are certainly things that TomTom does better. I am enclosing the pros and cons for your reference. Since the race is quite close, I supposed the final purchasing decision will have to depend on what/where your priorities are as well as at what price point iGo My Way will be offered in North America. According to iGo, suggested retail price will be around 120-130 USD, including the 1GB miniSD card. That would be a very reasonably priced navigation software.

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  • roman

    would someone help me locate a dealer for I-Go north america maps?


  • Geroge

    Did you find a dealer yet ? I'm looking too,

  • Nilsson

    Interesting they don't have any sales information on there website either.. Probably not for sale.

  • tom

    Jensen makes a device i bought at love's with igo north american maps. it has igo. looks identical to screenies. igo is way better than tomtom. i need new maps. edmonton's infrastructure

    improvements do not exist in igo version i have. jensen is audiovox.