IMP-00013 Oracle Import Error

»»»IMP-00013 Oracle Import Error
When trying to import an export dump file that has been exported by a DBA, the following error occurs:

IMP-00013: only a DBA can import a file exported by another DBA

The issue is because the privileges needed to import an export dump file generated by a database administrator do not exist. Only a database administrator can import a export file dumped by another database administrator.

There are several workarounds to solve the problems:

  1. Import the export file by using a user with database administrator privileges, with FROMUSER and TOUSER parameters.
  2. Grant the sufficient privileges (ie. database administrator) to the user. To do this, use the SQL*Plus and issue command “Grant DBA to db_user;”. This can be done temporarily by revoking the privileges after the import.
  3. Re-export the dump file from a non-DBA user account.

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