Info Select 2007 is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) from Micro Logic that manages your random information by organizing data from Internet, notes, to-do’s, schedules, contacts, plans, numbers, web page addresses (URL or link location), emails, addresses, forms, ideas, images, configuration settings and much more. Info Select users can save, record and retrieve all sort of information with just three easy commands, i.e. create Note, create Topic, and Search. Among the office and personal productivity features of the Info Select 2007 are context tabs, smart folders, automatic archiving, bookmarks, quick text, presentations, time tracking, view TXT and DOC files, import DOC and XLS files, password generator, automatic correction of misspelled words, WD2 file consolidation and customizable right-click menu.

InformationWeek reviews Info Select 2007 and concludes that despite the small footprint, Info Select still manages to be bloated. Besides its information manager, the application includes a whole lot of capabilities that other programs simply do better, including a full-blown e-mail and newsgroup client, image organizer, database, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and calendar. It’s a fantastic tool for organizing great piles of random digital information, but the high price and no-try-before-you-buy evaluation policy will make its attractiveness limited.