Part 1 – Downloading Apache2, PHP5 and MySQL4 Binaries

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Part 1 – Download Apache, PHP and MySQL (this article)
Part 2 – Install Apache HTTP web server
Part 3 – Install PHP
Part 4 – Install MySQL

Apache HTTPD

Apache 2: Download Win32 Binary (MSI Installer)
Donwload the msi installation version of Apache 2, which ended with extension .msi.


PHP 5: Download PHP 5 zip Package
Download the PHP zip package under the Windows Binaries. Do not download the installer version, it’s not supporting Apache web server.


MySQL 4.1: Download MySQL 4.1 Windows Essentials
Search for “Windows Downloads” and download the Windows Essentials (x86) installation package. The file should ended with extension .msi. The Essentials package is recommended since it features only the essential components one needs to run the MySQL server on a Windows machine, and has reduced file size.