The tutorial describes how to install Apache 2.2, MySQL 5 and PHP 5 in FreeBSD 6.0 for a reliable web server.

Part 4 – Installing Apache HTTPD Web Server 2.2

  1. Install Apache HTTP Server 2.20 by using FreeBSD Ports Collection:
    cd /usr/ports/www/apache22
    make install clean
  2. A Apache HTTP Server script is located at /usr/local/etc/rc.d to provide Apache HTTP Server start and shutdown service. To enable Apache web server to automatically starts whenever after server reboots, issue the following command at CLI:
    echo 'apache22_enable ="YES"' >> /etc/ rc.conf
  3. To start Apache HTTP web server immediately, use:
    /usr/local/sbin/apachectl start


    /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start
  4. Apache installation finished.