Own an iPod MP3 player, but feel as it’s underutilized, or want to do more things with your favorite iPod? According to PC World, you’re able to several things that you can do with your iPod that you may not known.

Among other things that you can do on iPod are:

  1. Play Back E-Mail with MagneticTime’s M1 (no longer available)
  2. Record TV Shows with ATO’s iSee 360i (no longer available)
  3. Listen to Radio at Your Own Time with Griffin Technology’s RadioShark, or Applian Technologies’ Replay Radio 6
  4. Go on Tour with podcast audio tours
  5. Back Up Digital Camera Files and Photos with Apple’s iPod Camera Connector (no longer available) or Belkin’s Media Reader for iPod with Dock Connector.
  6. Point as Laser Pointer or as Flashlight with Griffin Technology’s iBeams (no longer available)
  7. Mix a Drink with cocktail recipes from Talking Panda iBar (no longer available)
  8. Get a Guided Workout with Cardio Coach, iTrain, GYMp3 (service no longer available)

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