Apple iPod Hi-Fi is a speaker system that specifically designed for iPod as a accessories for iPod. Apple iPod Hi-Fi has two mid-range speakers with a single large center woofer. The speaker system has a built-in universal dock for iPod MP3 players for seamless iPod integration. Beside, a dual-mode auxiliary input is available in the back, allowing playback from either an analog or digital optical source such as older iPod devices. Once you place your iPod on the Universal Dock, your iPod will be automatically charged. For added convenience, you can remote control iPod Hi-Fi with Apple Remote.

Apple iPod Hi-Fi

InformationWeek reviewed Apple iPod Hi-Fi speaker system and concluded that “unfortunately, the sound quality alone couldn’t sell me on the iPod Hi-Fi. Considering it’s being billed as a replacement for my home stereo, I was disappointed in the lack of features built into the unit. With its $349 price coming at a premium compared with other products already on the market, the iPod Hi-Fi delivers good sound and the Apple logo as its main selling points.”

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