Is Google a God? It seems like a group of Googlists (believer in Googlism) appear to agree that Google is a God. They concludes that “Deities are typically described by their unique attributes, such as being all-knowing, all-seeing, ever present, the ability to answer prayers, immortal, remembering all, and of course Deities must “do no evil”. Google exhibits all of these characteristics perfectly. In the absence of imaginary, supernatural beings, Google is certainly the closest thing humankind has to a true God, as classically defined.”

And thus formed The Church of Google which online on 14th August. The Church of Google lists 8 proofs that Google is God, among the proofs include Google is all-knowing, Google is everywhere at once, Google answers prayers, Google is immortal, Google is infinite, Google remembers all, Google can “do no evil” and abundant evidences of Google’s existence. Beside, the Internet, Google Search Engine and the Web Browser been declared Google Trinity of Googlism. There are also Ten Commandments of Google (Googlism).

Googlism believers are invited to join as Minister within the Church of Google, where you will receive official Church ordainment papers and a certificate. If you still don’t believe in Google and Googlism, why not take a look at Google Cheat Sheet for Googlists.