Jabra BT620s is a Bluetooth wireless stereo headset for mobile phones, music players, PCs and other Bluetooth devices. Jabra BT620s is especially powerful is the mobile phones or Bluetooth devices supports A2DP for advanced audio (stereo), AVRCP for remote control and Bluetooth headset and hands-free profiles, where the music pauses/stops automatically when a call comes in on your cellphones. Jabra BT620s can connect to various Bluetooth devices, enabling music playing and phone connectivity at the same time. Other features include music player controls on right speaker, volume control and phone controls on left speaker, digital sound enhancement via DSP technology, multi-colored LED for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging and ability to play music via USB cable when charging.

Jabra BT620s

Lordpercy (dead link) reviews Jabra BT620s Bluetooth stereo headset and concludes that “overall we found the set-up to be reliable when used with the Jabra BT dongle and we’d have to recommend you stick to this for now, if you do so the 620s do what they say on the tin and provide a useful alternate to other wireless music systems. We love the way you can answer calls and pause music this is the high point of a system that feels like it is ahead of the technology curve and we hope it will come into its own as more mobiles and music systems support the A2DP profile.”