A lot of applications and software install and save the settings and configurations in the Windows registry as a or multiple registry branches and keys. However, the programs usually fail to remove and clean the registry keys when they’re uninstalled or no longer in used. This may cause problem to the registry in the long run and even may corrupt the registry.

Registry problems are very common and are usually the cause of sudden crashes, system stalls, sluggish applications, lockups, error messages or a severe degradation in operating speed. JDP Software partners StompSoft Registry Repair features both manual and automatic repair to the registry, scheduling for routine maintenance of your registry, and can also make a backup of any repairs made so that you can easily recover any changes if required.

StompSoft Registry Repair can scan for and repair hidden traces of installed software, shell extensions, application path Keys / orphan References, invalid help files, shared folders, invalid shared / known DLLs, invalid fonts and empty registry keys. Registry Repair can safely clean your Windows registry without removing vital pieces of information and making the computer run faster and improve performance and stability by cleaning and optimizing your Windows registry.

ComputerAct!ve reviewed StompSoft (or JPDSoft) Registry Repair and concluded that Registry Repair is a comprehensive registry cleaner, but most people won’t see a performance increase.

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