Are you hunting for a job in established and well known public corporation such as Microsoft or Google? Both companies is the top leader and innovative in their own field in computing and Internet industry, and you probably be among the best and the lucky few to be able to join either of the company. But what if you’re lucky enough to be offered a dream job in both Microsoft and Google, which company will you choose to work for? Although Microsoft has been labeled as ‘evil’ while Google promised to ‘do no evil’, but it’s still probably a hard choice.

Cliff is in this dilemma, and he asks in Slashdot which company should he picks as he received two job offers from both companies. It’s interesting to see what things people normally considers when choosing or applying for jobs. Compensation and employees’ benefits aside, conditions such as working location, work hours, working environment, pressure, corporate philosophy, management style and even rumors on who you’re going to be treated by the company. As predictable, Google seems like is a prefer place to work currently, although there are arguments for both. However, the some of the thread replies do provide insight into how’s the actual working life in Microsoft and Google.