Flash disk Kingston U3 DataTraveler is not just a portable flash storage and the U3 DataTraveler also runs portable free preloaded U3 software which enables you to run U3-compatible software related to communication, productivity, file synchronization, games, photo, security, and many more. In other word, with Kingston U3 DataTraveler, you will be able to carry your favorite software, preferences, profiles and data in the smart drive.

Kingston U3 DataTraveler

BIOS reviewed Kingston U3 DataTraveler smart drive and concluded that “mobility is a necessity and drive capacities are increasing exponentially. Security is a mandatory element in every aspect of computing. Personalization is pervasive – from the iPod to PDAs to smartphones to the desktop, everyone wants their computing environment to be personal and represent the way they work and play. The U3 platform is an exciting innovation and Kingston’s U3 DataTraveler is an excellent implementation. In many ways, using a U3 DataTraveler is a lot like carrying around your very own personal computer on a flash drive, and those concerned with using a public computer will like the extra security.”

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