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Kodak EasyShare V550

Kodak EasyShare V550 Reviews and Comparison

PhotographyReview: The Kodak EasyShare V550 is a great camera for all ages. It’s built extremely well, and it has great set of features. Having a pocket-sized camera that delivers excellent results with no thinking on the part of the photographer is amazing. Having scene modes ready when an artistic moment arises is very convenient – although having manual exposure controls as well would be nice.

If you want an excellent P&S camera that can provide everyday pictures, this is it. This is a camera that I can recommend to almost anybody because of the weight, size, and image quality. Only if you want the control of a digital SLR would this camera not be right for you. It is a pure winner for most people, regardless of photographic skill.

PC Magazine gives Kodak EasyShare V550 very good editors rating of 4 out of 5 and concludes that the Kodak EasyShare V550 is a very good buy, especially if you value a large LCD and a viewfinder. It’s small, stylish, and extremely fast.

XYZ Computing (dead link) concludes that the V550 does not offer anything ground-breaking, but it is an attractive product with the features most people are interested in. The camera is very easy to use, possibly leaning a bit too much towards the entry-level, but has a built quality and style that allows it to compete with some of the best cameras in the segment.

The V550 was clearly designed to compete with cameras like Canon’s PowerShot SD400. Canon has been the leader of the digital camera industry for some time now, so emulating their form factor and specifications was certainly a step in the right direction. Kodak was able to put together a nicer exterior and easier to use interface than any used on the PowerShots. Even so, the Kodak lacks the distinction and tweaking with Canon has been able to work into it models- the V550’s image quality, battery life, and macro capabilities are all a bit behind. The price of the Kodak gives its a considerable advantage over the Canon models, though it will still be a tough choice considering the brand name and refinement which Canon brings to the table.