Kosmix is a new search engine that is launched by two Indian computer experts Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan, who studied along with Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. Kosmix hopes to challenge Google based on its new, sophisticated algorithms that categorize Web pages, producing search results that show users a multi-dimensional view of relevant web content.

Traditional search engine such as Google basically searches web pages and then ranks and sorts the web pages during a query based on relevancy and also the popularity of the web pages, not necessarily just based on its content. While other type of search engines simply have their own limitations.

Kosmix search engine, however, use a sophisticated algorithms to deep search the web pages and categorizes them, and then Kosmix presents a multi-dimensional view of search results to users. This method, according to Kosmix, reduces the number of clicks and queries it takes for users to find what really matters to them, and presents useful information they may not have considered otherwise.


To search using Kosmix, users first define a category for the search keywords he or she is going to use. If the search term is related to travel, users can make the search query in a travel-related category search box. Kosmix will then find web pages closely associated in meaning with the search term, returning search result in a multiple views presented in categories that make finding specific information easier and significantly more relevant.

Kosmix able to provide in-dept results for all those categories by looking at what web pages link to other web pages in order to more accurately categorizing the web pages. The assumption is that if a web page says something similar to the web page it links to, then there is enough information to categorise it by topic.

Kosmix has launches Kosmix Health (in beta), Kosmix Travel and Kosmix Politics (both in alpha), with plan to increase the number of initial search categories soon. A general search box will also be added in the year.

Search with Kosmix (Kosmix has been acquired by WalmartLabs).