Lenovo ThinkPad R60 laptop computer is an upgrade from ThinkPad R52, and very similar and is budget version to ThinkPad T60. Lenovo (previously IBM) ThinkPad R60 features Intel Core Duo processor, 15″ SXGA+ (1400×1050) LCD display, 128 MB ATI MObility Radeon X1400, 8X DVD Recordable EIDE Ultrabay Enhanced drive, WiFi and GLAN. For enhanced security, ThinkPad R60 has motion sensor and HDD shock absorber for hard disk data protection and built-in fingerprint reader with preloaded security software to protect data in the laptop if it’s lost.

Lenovo ThinkPad R60

NotebookReviews reviewed Lenono (IBM) ThinkPad R60 and concluded that “the R60 is recommended for small business buyers and those in education. I’d highly recommend looking at the T60 if you travel a lot as it is thinner and lighter. But if you’re at a desk a lot or just want this for use in the home, the R60 makes more sense than the T60 as you can get equivalent performance and pay a little less.

If you have $1,000 and need to buy a notebook for the home, instead of assuming a ThinkPad will be out of your price range you should certainly check out the R60e series (the lower priced end configurations for the R60 are dubbed R60e). It’s not a consumer oriented notebook as it does not offer such things as a widescreen display, glossy screen, media card reader or TV-tuner type of options that other notebooks do. However, if you’re buying a notebook for personal use and don’t use a computer for watching movies, media work and gaming then the R60 is actually much better as a productivity tool. This is because it has an excellent keyboard and input, very sturdy build (just look at those thick metal hinges), good customer support and a nice suite of software for configuring and maintaining the notebook. An overall thumbs up to the R60.”

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