Feeling that your notebook or laptop computer running for shorter time on battery after upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP? Or now Windows Vista PC requires more frequent recharge? If you feel so, indeed you’re not the only one. Many users have reported that notebook computer running on Windows Vista operating system consumes more power and shorten battery life faster comparing on mobile system that uses Windows XP, despite some claims that Windows Vista may save electricity bill.

Lenovo, which manufactures and sells ThinkPad brand of high end business laptop PC, has published a benchmark result for fully charged battery power lasting time when using its latest popular ultraportable ThinkdPad X300 on both Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system.

Battery Power on Windows Vista and Windows XP

The comparison of battery life is published on ThinkPad X300 China website (no longer available). And it’s probably one of the first official claim by OEMs that Windows Vista power consumption and load on battery is higher than Windows XP. The translated chart is below.

 Battery Usage Time (Hours) Weight (kg)
No optical drive,3 Cell LiPolymer Standard Battery4.33.31.33
DVD burner,3 Cell LiPolymer Standard Battery4.33.31.42
No optical drive,6 Cell Li-Ion Battery6.54.91.42
DVD burner,6 Cell Li-Ion Battery6.54.91.51
3 Cell LiPolymer Bay Battery,3 Cell LiPolymer Standard Battery7.55.61.50
3 Cell LiPolymer Bay Battery,6 Cell Li-Ion Battery107.51.59

As shown from the chart above, the battery usage time is considerably shorten by up to 25%, no matter which battery packs users are choosing. And mind you, ThinkPad X300 is one of the thinnest and lightest notebook in the world, thus the power usage difference between Windows XP and Windows Vista may be larger on bigger computer. So want to save power and want to get longer working time between charges? Switch to or stick with Windows XP.