LG Chocolate mobile phone (also known as LG KG800) is the designer phone from LG Black Label Series. LG Chocolate is so named because of its appearance-wise looks like a bar of black chocolate. LG Chocolate cellphone is a a glossy piano-black slider phone with glowing touch-sensitive red controls below the screen. KG800 features 2″ 256k LCD colour display and 1.3 megapixel camera, plus media player with 128MB memory.

LG Chocolate

Cool Hunting reviewed LG Chocolate mobile phone and concluded that you’ve probably realized already that the LG Chocolate is more style than substance, with the celebrities the company has got on board to promote the thing. For that reason, it’s not quite up to Valrhona standards, but is still good enough to be likened to, say, Green & Black’s Dark. Cocoa mark: 70%

GSM Arena concluded that “there’s not much more to say really. It sports a great design and in some internet forums they even call it “the RAZR killer”. As far as our opinion goes, we have rarely seen so beautifully designed mobile phone.

We can’t say anything substantially bad about it, because it’s just not expected to amaze in functionality, but in design and style. The only exception is the awkward phonebook which we think should be well developed even in phones that are not business-orientated. It should be more developed in the line of user friendliness because it’s not only the sheer capacity that counts after all.”

Dech (link dead) reviewed the Chocolate phone and concluded that “this is a very good phone indeed. It does all the things you need it to. I know that I will be using it for the next year at the very least. It’s a strong player and feels like it will last.

The LG Chocolate phone has its real super-strength in the style department, without a doubt. It’s a stunner. But on top of being a stunner, it has the body of a premiership football player (nothing Olympic), and the brains of reliable-but-dim secretary.”

Consuming Experience also reviews the LG KG800 Black Label series phone and concludes that this isn’t really meant to be a business phone or a power user’s phone, it’s for those who want a great looking phone with some basic multimedia functions particularly MP3s, which is probably the vast majority of people.

CNet Asia (link dead) has a first look on LG Chocolate and concluded that “the Chocolate is certainly one of the best-looking mobiles from LG so far and will no doubt appeal to most users, particularly the fashion trendy. However, the lack of certain features such as an expandable memory may put off the more tech-savvy users.”

Mobile-Review meanwhile said they’re impressed with the packaging of the Chocolate phone and happy that it basically included almost every handy accessory currently available. “The handset seems very appealing design and composition-wise, by that I mean everything, starting from ring tones, wallpapers to the headphones found in the box. It’s a rare occasion to see such in all manners balanced product. That is how come its price is affected not by the specifications, which are quite moderate, but the stylishness and appearance. Generally speaking LG makes its first steps in the field of fashion handsets, even taking account of earlier attempts to seem a major player on the fashion market. The “Chocolate’s” sale rates will be strongly depending on operators’ activity, namely Vodafone, which is scheduling a massive advertising campaign, looking for boosting the sales. In Russia the phone may be able to find its niche, but I wouldn’t recommend expecting enormous rates, since the manufacturer takes up a minor share of the market, and what is more, Samsung’s very own E900, an obvious opponent for the KG800 is coming in June, which has way to go in terms of design, yet significantly overcomes LG’s handset functionality-wise. Considering almost similar expenses on promoting these two solutions, you could note that the E900 is more likely to be a bigger success in retail chains, while the KG800 looks marvelous and will appeal to those, seeking for fresh ideas in design and not paying much of attention to the manufacturer’s size or image. And this phone fits all these criteria.”

InfoSyncWorld gave the Chocolate rating of 70% for slim phone score and 70% for fashion phone score, and concluded that with the KG800, LG clearly made the decision to keep specifications on the down low in order to bring forward a small, light and supremely stylish handset – although its price tag claims otherwise. Its feature set – including a mediocre camera and music player – compares reasonably well to other slim and fashion phones; its most aggravating fault is the lagging text input, which stands in contrast to its responsive touch-sensitive navigational controls. This is a handset for those who primarily call and text, and want to look good doing it.

Read also review of LG Chocolate KG800 by Tech Digest.

CNet Crave compares Samsung SGH-E900 and LG Chocolate phone in the slider phone showdown comparison and concludes that “the SGH-E900 has the same black glossy front as the Chocolate phone and also uses a touchpad. Unlike the Chocolate phone, it has EDGE support, a 2-megapixel camera (as opposed to the Chocolate’s 1.3-megapixel camera) and an expandable microSD memory slot — the Chocolate has no memory expansion at all. Based on features, the E900 packs more punch than the Chocolate phone, but it does weigh 10g more and in our opinion doesn’t have the same wow factor in its appearance. We’ll reserve our final judgement until we get one in, but first impressions suggest this might be a victory for LG.”

CNet.co.uk (link dead) reviews LG Chocolate phone and concludes with very good editors’ rating of 7.9 that the LG Chocolate phone is the best-looking phone we have seen this year. With a seamless casing and glowing red touchpad, this phone took everyone by surprise. It definitely has that wow factor at first, but after using it for a couple of weeks you may realize that not everything is perfect. The touchpad looks great but doesn’t always respond and the lack of external memory means this won’t replace your iPod nano.