Linksys WIP330 Wireless-G IP Phone Review by TMCnet

»»Linksys WIP330 Wireless-G IP Phone Review by TMCnet
Linksys WIP330 Wireless IP Phone allows high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) service through a Wireless-G network and high-speed Internet connection. Linksys WIP330 features peer-to-peer dialing, speed dial, 3-way conferencing, call waiting, call transfer, and call forward, mute, hold and selectable ringtones, plus large, full-color high resolution LCD display, built-in web browser and live video streaming from any web camera such as the Linksys WVC54GC Wireless-G Internet Video Camera. WIP330 handset stores last 20 call history records and can save 250 phone book entries. Beside, ringtones can be personalized.

Linksys WIP330 Wireless-G IP Phone

TMCnet reviewed Linksys WIP330 Wireless-G IP phone and concluded that “this Linksys WIP330 is great for businesses using any IP-PBX that supports the SIP standard, which is pretty much every IP-PBX these days. If you recall, I had an “exclusive” on Cisco finally adopting the SIP standard (Cisco Unified Communications) over their proprietary Skinny protocol, thus you can even use the Linksys WIP330 on a Cisco Call Manager system. Of course the Linksys WIP330 will work with the ever-popular Asterisk phone system as well. No Skype support is surprising, but I did notice some Skype config files on the phone itself, so perhaps this capability is coming. Certainly Windows CE has the ability to run a Skype client. Even with its built-in browser and its ability to logon to authenticated hotspots, due to its price ($369.99), only executives with money to burn, or gadget freaks that just have to have the latest and greatest gadgets, will find the Linksys WIP330 attractive enough to purchase.”

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