Lite-On’s All Write, Hewlett Packard’s 840i and Samsung’s 5162L are CD and DVD writers / burners that equipped with latest technology including LightScribe, a new labeling technology that allows users to print a silkscreen-type label on a non-recordable side of a CD or DVD. Other feature include ability to read from and write to DVD-RAM discs, and thus making them capable of reading and writing all formats of CD and DVD.

APP reviewed the 3 multi format DVD writers and picked Lite-On All Write as the overall winner among the 3 due to cheaper price. APP concluded that “this review is not the technical roundup of tests and numbers that you might find in a computer magazine equipped with a test laboratory. Instead, this is a look at whether they are doing the job they advertise. The answer in each case is yes.

With the three machines performing so equally, price becomes the most important consideration. The market for DVD recorders is now clearly a value-added market.”

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