Login to Windows XP with No Password Administrator Account Backdoor Trick

»»»Login to Windows XP with No Password Administrator Account Backdoor Trick
In password-protected Windows XP Home or Professional edition system, each user logs on to his or her own user name and password to have full access to the Windows computer. However, Windows user or administrator can still log in to the Windows XP machine without knowing the original password, if they have lost or forgotten the user ID or password, by using various bypass or crack method such as using DreamPackPL to bypass the need to logon using valid account or password, brute force retrieve the Windows passwords for various user or administrator account with Ophcrack, and using third party services such as Login Recovery to retrieval and recovery of Windows user name and passwords. However, there is one simpler method to hack into a Windows XP system, if the computer owner installed Windows XP, and forgot or not set the Administrator account password.

By default installation, Windows XP has a built-in Administrator account, which is equivalent to root or superuser privilege account in Linux or Unix, and contains no password. In other word, hacker or any people can simply key in Administrator as user name at the Windows Logon Welcome Screen prompt with blank password (no password) and get full administrative access as superuser to the Windows PC. Worse, most computer owners don’t even know such an Administrator account is actually existed, don’t even mention they will create or set a password for Administrator user account.

Windows XP Welcome Screen

So this security vulnerability flaw provides an easy way to login into any Windows XP computer that the user forgets or simply does not set a password for the Administrator user ID. The problem is that in normal Windows XP Welcome Screen where you choose which user name you want to log onto, the Administrator user name is not displayed and is not shown. If you can’t choose or select the Administrator from the login screen, then how are you going to log-in with the Administrator account? The following video clip provides a simple hack and trick.

Video no longer available

Basically, at Windows XP Welcom Screen, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys sequence together twice, and you will be shown a “Log On to Windows” menu which you can specify User Name and Password. In the User Name text box, key in Administrator and leave the Password field blank. Then press Enter or click on OK. If there is not password protects the Administrator account, or blank password is set, then you will be able to access the Windows with full administrative privileges as Administrator.

Update: Ways to recover from forgotten Windows password.

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  • Erica

    I tried this hack but it tells me that there is a restriction on the account. is there a way i can bypass this?

  • Samuel

    Same here !!! i tried at school Computer and my comuputer tryin to do the same but couldn't have solve it , There must be another way without editing anything, or how to tyoe in the master Password for it to run ??

  • 123456789

    use safe mode, win xp will let you access win xp even if it is password protected.

    i borrow the pc that has win xp with the password protected .

    I press the F8 key to get to safe mode.

  • i will try my best search in web tips to log as admis Rights but still not find ………

  • rajeev kumar


    i am student of mca my lab is going on LAN

    i want to see data of nearest machine which is working on LAN

  • praveen

    Waste video. Even a child know that.

    be practical.

  • Lynda

    This child didn't! thanks for the video 🙂

  • random

    did not work

  • Hutch

    Holy SHIT Thank YOu soo much

  • ismail

    hi, pliz im a student but i what to logon using administrators account on windows xp. how can i do it.

  • Destinee

    It better f***in work I been on here lookin for a solution for 5 damn hours!!! Its ridiculous

  • hai plz send any web sites that will be hacking are any pc tips plz


  • eros

    a me finziona su un pc ma nn sull'altro

  • chris

    i got the restriction thing too. im gonna try it in safe mode tho

  • troy

    getting the same "restriction on the account" message and can't seem to get into safe mode with f8? any ideas?

  • Tim

    This is Bullshit i have been looking for somthing loke this for like 5 hours to and if this doesnt work than i am going to be so pissed off you dont even know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8==D–O;

  • Tania

    Ha possibilidades de fazer isto no Windows Vista?

  • Dont waste our timee by giving that level of tricks

  • Hunter

    Seriously worked fine for me. Just like the video. Awesome hack!

  • niroshan

    i don't have my administrator pass word.how do i log in

  • John

    ****Try this at your own risk****

    **** No guarantees ****

    If you have encrypted files, changing the admin password will make those files unreadable.


    A. Boot using Windows XP Setup CD and follow the instructions (Accepting EULA, etc. )

    B. When asked "repair your existing Windows installation" accept it. Press “R” to run the repair.

    C. Setup will start copying files, etc.

    D. After a few minutes setup will restart your system and after it restarts “Press any key to continue…” will display. Do not press a key and eventually setup will resume processing.

    E. You should see a small progress bar with a few details on left side.

    F. Watch the details and when it shows “Installing devices“, press Shift+F10 keys.

    G. A Command Prompt window should open. Type nusrmgr.cpl and press Enter.

    H. The “User Accounts” window, same as you see in Control Panel should open.

    I. You should now be able to add, remove or reset any password.


    If this fails re-install Windows

  • lulitha

    i need more

  • Samantha

    Diss Videa Thing They Showed, Dont Work At all,

    Like Wat The Fc*k!!

    This Shit Dont Work At All, A Pressed Ctrl Alt + Delete, Nothings Coming Up.!!!

  • raja

    think about all hacking technology

  • moslem haghighian

    very noce thanksto this method

  • eddie

    Sorry but this wont work on my system which is windows xp home sp3

  • Steve

    I still can't believe how simple this was … worked like a charm! THANK YOU!!!

  • taha

    but it dosn't if u have a pass

  • luc

    It won't work if you are not stupid and secured the admin account.

  • diana

    i love you so much! i thought that id be going to a computer specialist until i did the administrator thingy!!! DAMN !!!! mwah and hugs and kisses from venezuela!

  • andrew

    You're all morons.

    If you have an admin password (anyone with a brain will) then this WILL NOT work.

    Google 'I'm Feeling Lucky' My ass. Your site is shit.

  • Ash


  • Mandy

    Worked great for me, saved me time and Money! Thanks!

  • Hannah

    You are now my best friend. This trick worked perfectly, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Moshyharrison

    Oh my god, Dude, this thing actually worked; my account now has administrative access. Thanks so much! Just do what he says and press Ctrl Alt Delete twice. Follow the video! Thanks again

  • Andrew

    I would not call this a hack really. It only works if you know the Administrator password.

  • Raj

    Great work dude!!!!!

  • brad

    this is not a hack, if someone doesn;t set a password for there admin its just an open system.

    resetting the admin password is hardly a hack, if you have physical access to a machine then its compromised right off the bat.

    you guys lol

  • ann

    i forgot my adminstrators password for my pc.. I can access my pc through my son's acct and password.How do I reset my password ? or whateve rI can do to access my acct.

  • phil

    download ophcrack

    burn to disk

    place in required computer

    wait and voila your password

  • Tatiana

    HELP NEEDED! I forgot my password to access the user-computer administrator of my son. I turn on Parental Control and I finished it without access. The OS and the new Windows 7. If someone pudeer help me unlock it illegal for me to lead a new password, grateful.

  • Joe

    No matter what people how wonderful you are I can'y get into my computer. Do I need a floppy. Help please.

  • Joe

    Never mind. I know already you won't or can't help w/admin (BTW there is NO admin name, just the previous owner, who is dead) There are domains that I don't want pon there either. This computer was given to me by the owner who is dead now. I'm just going to trash it.

  • AK Baloch

    hey guys.. just do this,,, boot in DOS from a windows 98 disk, or other.. navigate to C:windowssystem32config…. here you would find a file named "sam" without extensions..delete it.

    then navigate to C:windows
    epair.. here you would see the "sam" file again but this time copy it to C:windowssystem32config… your system is ready..

  • R.R.C

    i want active new admin user in campany so, i have windows xp, so please give me some tricks for that.


  • annyyu22

    Here I would like to commend a new software name's Windows Password Key 8.0.

    It works very prefect to regain your password .Also use boot CD/DVD.

  • Jon

    Ok, so this doesn't work for me because I have a password set on my admin account that is required before login. How can I bypass this?

    There has to be a back door somewhere to get on even though I forgot my ridiculously long admin password. Right? Or did Bill Gates just make another mortal enemy?

  • June 2nd, 2010 03:46 49 Ok, so this doesn’t work for me because I have a password set on my admin account that is required before login. How can I bypass this?

    There has to be a back door somewhere to get on even though I forgot my ridiculously long admin password. Right? Or did Bill Gates just make another mortal enemy?

  • Sandra

    Ok….my problem is that i do have a password for my administrative account and an extra user account and we were just using it last night. I have had these passwords for 8 months on this laptop for windows xp but all of a sudden this morning it is saying wrong passwords for both. I dont understand this at all!! does windows automatically reset them after so long or something. ive tried the cont alt del and that does nothing. Oh yeah, and this is a mini laptop so cant use disk of any type just usb.

    • Newtoxton

      That means that the password has an expirely date set in the system. SO i recommend u try using hiren boot disk to look up yah the backdoor at the bot disk from passwords menu. And set in Windowsgate. Am sure it will help u outta yah mystery.

  • cisco211

    That wont work on XP Home. (admin cant login in normal boot mode). In XP Pro it only works if the minimal charcount of password is set to 0 and the Administrator-Account is activated

  • Gino

    can I know can I create a new user without login to any user?..

    • Newtoxton

      That is only possible after u access any account out side the windows logon screen. Once accessed cmd.exe then it means u have accessed system account. So from there u can now make yah magic happen. Soooo sweet.
      Once i receive amsg from yah i shall show u how to move around the welcome screen. Great time.

  • nae

    omg i have a administrator password lock on my comp and it controls every thing i cant download anything with out that password can someone tell me how to unlock it so i can download adobe flash player?!

  • deepz

    is this method applicable for window vista or window 7???

  • ankit mohanty

    thank you it helped me a lot

  • sengkooi

    i forgot logon user name and password,and the logon message keep on showing the system could not log on

  • abdulahi

    man this didnt work for me.is there any better idea

  • richard lin

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    We had a hacker get into our windows XP and set up unknown passwords for access when we previously had no set passwords. Please advise how we can reaccess or rectify problem. Thanks very much. Richard


    HEY what do i do if when i try to use the hidden administrator it says its restricted???????!!!!

    • Jenny

      HI, this is simple, Win7 disabled the default administrator account, you can search Windows Login recovery in google and it will help you to solve your problem. i have tried, it works..Good luck!

  • jove

    Well snap this seems to have worked just fine on my system thanks a ton your one smart cookie.

  • ripon

    dear,i use hp notebook.forget my password.but when start already write administrator.so no need to write.but dont open new account .if i press ctrl+alt+del twice it not come any new box.all time same.help me

  • KArtik

    hello im using microsoft window ep when i opened it …it opens wid log into windows which has username and password but i have a problem after writing Administrator and press enter it does not open can u help me ………

  • Roben

    i have same problem here… i can't log on to my computer because if forgot my administrator password…

    how can i reset my password without using cd….?

  • Bluse

    There’s an easy and safe method to reset windows password required no reinstalling Windows and no computer skills. The software is Windows Password Seeker which has been recommend at about.com. It can remove all windows passwords in seconds on any Windows versions. You can get back into Windows just within five minutes. It’s worth a try.

  • Cally

    Lost windows password is not a big problem. I realize an easy method to reset lost windows password, just need to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset forgotten windows password, I have made a bootable CD/DVD with the tool Windows Password Seeker and reset my administrator password successfully. Hope it helps you. Good luck!

  • Newtoxton

    I suggest that u just setting up a back door in window through using a hiren boot disk, with this copy a file from system32 known as sethc.exe to yah pwd desktop.After rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe. Shutdown and try to push shift key five times at the welcome screen. What will happen will look real coooool!

  • cindy gregory

    Thank u sooo much!!! This worked!! Control alt delete twice and I could get in and remove the password!!

  • davelo

    You can log on as administrator on safe mode.Press F8 when you start the computer and choose Safe Mode to get in.If you can not log in safe mode, try the tool bellow,it is the best method without lose anything.

    In consideration of remaining all programs and data of the computer,I know a passowrd tool:Windows Password Rescuer.It supports all versions of windows operation system.Recover Windows password without lose anything.

  • André

    Thank you, problem solved!

  • Rahimi

    I am a user but I want log in to the Administrator’s account

  • prem

    i need to get on to password protected windows login without using any software..
    can u tell me how to do this?

  • tommy

    i have an old company computer(corporation) that got handed down to me and there is a username in there and i obviously don’t know it, i have tried to use safe mode, but with no success. please help

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  • RG

    it’s not showing the vid.