Logitech Mobile Traveler Bluetooth headset features WindStop microphone to reduce wind noise, flexible flip clip that adjusts comfortably on either ear, ability to answer or end calls with a one-touch button, adjust volume directly, Bluetooth v1.2 support, coverage area of up to 10 meters (30 feet), works with your Bluetooth-compatible PC or devices, long talktime and standby time plus slim and lightweight design.

Logitech Mobile Traveler

MyTreo (dead link) reviews Logitech Mobile Traveler Headset and concludes that “weighing only ½ oz, the Mobile Traveler is extremely light, unobtrusive, and the flexible ear wrap makes it very comfortable. I was able to wear it all day without discomfort. The “WindStop” noise canceling microphone does a great job, and as I mentioned earlier, aids in the overall brilliant clarity of a call. I highly recommend this Bluetooth headset from a company that we’ve trusted for years, Logitech.”