LogMeIn Review by Technology Evangelist

»»»LogMeIn Review by Technology Evangelist
LogMeIn provides remote access service and desktop control software to allow users to connect and remote control from a local PC to a remote PC securely and easily via Internet, even though the PCs are located behind firewall. LogMeIn has several packages available for different need of usage, including LogMeIn Free with just remote control access, or LogMeIn Pro with additional capabilities of file transfer, remote printing, file share, file sync, secure encryption connection and etc., or LogMeIn IT Reach that serves the need of administrators.


Technology Evangelist reviewed LogMeIn and concluded that “If you need access to a computer from home, work or anywhere else in the world but don’t want to pay the high-fees that other services charge, check out LogMeIn. It’s by far the best remote desktop and system monitoring tool available on the market today at a price that will simply make you smile.”

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