The TVAnts users who frequently watch television channels online know that the viewing experience may not be always smooth. TVAnts a P2PTV application which utilizes P2P to transmit streaming TV signal may have slow transfer rate sometimes. For this reason, in TVAnts, at Channels tab and Progress Details, viewers can actually monitor the streaming quality of the channel video by monitoring the Buffer progress bar.

TVAnts Buffer Progress Bar
The colorful buffering progress bar for playing channel in TVAnts

As you can see, the progress bar is full of various colors, and a percentage number. The number in percent is easier to understand, which meant how far channel stream buffering has progress or how much buffer has been received and filled. But what does the colors meant? Here’s the simple explanation for the colors shown in the progress bar.

The whole length of the Buffer progress bar represent 120 seconds or 2 minutes. The colors actually show that whether the video streaming data has been downloaded or not for that particular segment of time.

Meaning of colors in TVAnts Buffer progress bar

Green: Downloaded and can be played normally.
Dark Green: Already broadcasted.
Blue: Other clients have the data.
Yellow: Already send download request to a client (in queue)
Orange: Already send download request to a client (in queue)
Red: Downloading video contents from other client (transferring).
Black: Unavailable, or no data available, or other clients reject request for the stream data.
Purple: Downloaded but TVAnts considers the data as incomplete, and cannot share the data to other clients.