Microsoft Edge: Import Favorites & Bookmarks from IE, Chrome & Other Browsers

»»»Microsoft Edge: Import Favorites & Bookmarks from IE, Chrome & Other Browsers
The all new Microsoft Edge web browser is now the default web browser in Windows 10 (if you choose to accept all the defaults during initial setup after in-place upgrade or clean installation). The Edge browser is the ultimate replacement for the aging Internet Explorer (IE), and is much faster, lightweight, stylish, and has a clean user interface.

However, Edge won’t automatically import your favorites or bookmarks from Internet Explorer (IE), which was the default web browser in previous versions of Windows from Microsoft, even if you upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. This is because Edge no longer shares the same storage location for Favorites with IE. In fact, Edge won’t prompt any dialog or notification to ask you to import your bookmarks or favorites from any other browsers.

So, in order to bring back the Favorites of IE into Edge, or to import bookmarks from other web browsers, you have to manually start the import process. Follow the tutorial below to import your bookmarks or favorites into Edge browser.

  1. Run Edge browser.
  2. Click or tap on the Ellipsis (…) button on the top right corner to display the menu.
  3. Go to Settings.

    Edge Settings

  4. Tap or click on Import favorites from another browser link.

    Import Favorites into Edge

  5. Choose the web browsers which contain Favorites or Bookmarks that you want to import into Edge, and the click or tap on Import button.

    Import Favorites or Bookmarks to Edge

  6. Once the import is done, you can access the imported Favorites or Bookmarks by opening the Hub menu and go to Favorites (Star) tab.

    Edge Favorites

    As you can see from figure above, you can also initiate the Import Favorites process by clicking or tapping on Import favorites link in the Favorites Hub itself, where you’re brought to select the browsers to import from directly.

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  • Thomas Sjodin

    I can’t import from chrome because I only have the option to import from ie :/

    • George Khifiani

      same here

  • Mike

    Same here no option for chrome

  • cjack99

    Well, this is all well and good, except it does not appear to be able to import the entire favorites tree. I have several folders within ‘favorites’, and each folder has either weblinks or hyperlinks, or both. The import appears to work, except it only brings in the folders, when you click those, they are empty. I confirmed they are in IE11, but they don’t make the trip to edge. I can export from IE11 to a bookmarks.htm file, but can’t figure out to make edge import that file. Any ideas?

  • Painter John Fiorentino

    I imported my favorites with no problem.. manually.. but Edge won’t save new bookmarks.. some it does and some don’t.. Frustrating..