Microsoft Edge is the new web browser that comes as the default web browser in Windows 10. Intended to replace Internet Explorer, Edge web browser is designed with fast, simple and lightweight in mind.

Though many of the features and functions of Edge can be accessed from the “More actions” and “View advanced settings”, many Windows users may prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, also known as hotkeys” instead. Keyboard shortcuts complement mouse, and is handy way to make web browsing faster.

Most keyboard shortcuts of Edge is the same with keyboard shortcuts used in Internet Explorer (IE). After all, they’re both developed by Microsoft, and in a way, the similarity also provides easier path for users to transition from IE to Edge.

Here’s the comprehensive full list of keyboard shortcuts in Edge. Note that as Edge is continuing to evolve, some hotkeys may be added, or may be removed and as the result no longer work.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
F5Refreshes current web page
F7Toggle Caret browsing on or off
F12Open Developer Tools
ALT + F4Close current active browser window with all its tabs
ALT + DGo to Address Omnibar
ALT + JFeedback & reporting
ALT + SpacebarOpen system menu
ALT + Spacebar + CClose Edge
ALT + Spacebar + MMove window using arrow keys
ALT + Spacebar + NMinimize Edge window
ALT + Spacebar + RRestore Edge window
ALT + Spacebar + SResize Edge window using arrow keys
ALT + Spacebar + XMaximize Edge window
ALT + Left arrowGo to previous page that was opened in tab
ALT + Right arrowGo to next page that was opened in tab
ALT + XOpen Settings
CTRL + +Zoom in (+ 10%)
CTRL + –Zoom out (- 10%)
CTRL + F4Close current tab
CTRL + 0Zoom to 100% (default)
CTRL + 1Switch to tab 1
CTRL + 2Switch to tab 2 if open
CTRL + 3Switch to tab 3 if open
CTRL + 4Switch to tab 4 if open
CTRL + 5Switch to tab 5 if open
CTRL + 6Switch to tab 6 if open
CTRL + 7Switch to tab 7 if open
CTRL + 8Switch to tab 8 if open
CTRL + 9Switch to last tab
CTRL + ASelect all
CTRL + DAdd site to favorites
CTRL + EOpen a search query in the Address Bar
CTRL + FOpen “Find on page”
CTRL + GView Reading List
CTRL + HView browsing history
CTRL + IView Favorites
CTRL + JView Downloads
CTRL + KDuplicate tab
CTRL + LGo to Address Omnibar
CTRL + NOpen new Edge window
CTRL + PPrint
CTRL + RRefreshes current page; similar to F5
CTRL + TOpen new tab
CTRL + WClose current tab
CTRL + click on linkOpen URL hyperlink in new tab
CTRL + TabSwitch forward between tabs
CTRL + Shift + TabSwitch back between tabs
CTRL + Shift + BToggle Favorites bar on or off
CTRL + Shift + KOpen new tab of current tab
CTRL + Shift + LSearch using copied text
CTRL + Shift + POpen new InPrivate browsing window
CTRL + Shift + RToggle Reading view on or off
CTRL + Shift + TReopen the last tab you closed
Left arrowScroll left on current webpage
Right arrowScroll right on current webpage
Up arrowScroll up on current webpage
Down arrowScroll down on current webpage
BackspaceGo to previous page that was opened in tab
EndMove to bottom of page
HomeMove to top of page
TabMove forward through the elements on webpage
SHIFT + TabMove backward through the elements on webpage
HomeNavigate towards top of page
HomeNavigate towards end of page
ALT + HomeOpen Home

If you’re a developer using Developer Tools (F12 hotkey), the following keyboard shortcuts are also available:

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
CTRL + BSelect element (on DOM Explorer tab)
CTRL + KColor picker (on DOM Explorer tab)
CTRL + JDebug just my code (on Debugger tab)
CTRL + EStart or stop profiling to begin a performance session (on Performance, Network, Memory tabs)
CTRL + SExport as HAR (on Network tab)
CTRL + O Import profiling session (on Performance, Memory tabs)
CTRL + SExport profiling session (on Performance, Memory tabs)
CTRL + LClear errors, warnings, information (on Performance tab)
F5 / F8Continue (on Debugger tab)
Hold F5 / F8Fast Continue (on Debugger tab)
F11Step into (on Debugger tab)
F12Step over (on Debugger tab)
SHIFT + F11Step out (on Debugger tab)
CTRL + SHIFT+ F5Continue and refresh (on Debugger tab)
CTRL + SHIFT + IDOM element highlighting (on DOM Explorer tab)
CTRL + SHIFT + WBreak on new worker (on Debugger tab)
CTRL + SHIFT + EChange exception behavior (on Debugger tab)
CTRL + SHIFT + TTake heap snapshot (On Memory tab)
CTRL + SHIFT + LReset Emulation settings (On Emulation tab)