Not satisfying with Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) and Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) program that requires Windows XP, Windows Vista and Office system to validate to certify that it’s genuine and not a pirated product before they can access to extra freebies on Microsoft website, Microsoft has launched an online advertising and informational campaign that intends to tell people the benefits of using properly licensed software. The campaign, called Genuine Fact Files, covers areas and aspects such as awareness of intellectual property rights, risks of using pirated products, proper licensing practices and legalization of fraudulent products.

Genuine Fact Files anti piracy campaign is now launching in the U.S. It was launched last month in Italy, France, the U.K., Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. The campaign will mainly channel through banner ads on Microsoft web sites and promotional materials such as brochures distributed by Microsoft partners. Most of the genuine legal software promotion initiative artifacts are comics or comical based, as Microsoft aims to make the message more accessible to a broader audience. They are black and white, in a style similar to newspaper comics. You can see a sample of the Genuine Fact Files comics in an email newsletter that been sent by Microsoft Sweden at (no longer available).

There is also a video clip produced by Microsoft that ‘helps’ you to learn the risks of counterfeit products, now prominently displays on Microsoft Software Piracy Protection web page.

Genuine Fact Files – Counterfeit Confidential Episode

Comics in English can be seen in Microsoft Australia Get Genuine site (no longer available).