Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 is a small business accounting software which previously known as Small Business Accounting. Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 features integration with the popular online selling, payment, and credit advisory services such as eBay, PayPal, and Equifax, besides offering accounting tools to manage and track inventory, print checks, pay bills, and create invoices. Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 also supports multi-currency accounting, fixed asset management, easier data sharing with CPA, and allows users to customize the layout and labels on accounting forms.

Microsoft Office Accounting 2007

In the Office Accounting software, eBay business owners can select products from inventories, list items for sale, view the status of listings, and download the results of sales transactions and related fees directly from eBay. Meanwhile, PayPal users can use online invoicing and accept payment via e-mail or direct credit-card payments, and Equifax users can monitor the credit-worthiness of their customers and vendors.

Washington Post (dead link) reviews Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 Beta and concludes that “Microsoft Office Accounting looks slick, with an informative company dashboard that summarizes business financial performance and to-dos. In general, the software narrows but does not eliminate the lead held by its leading small-business competitors, such as Sage’s Peachtree. Despite enhancements in the latest versions of QuickBooks and Peachtree , Office Accounting still offers the best integration with Microsoft Office applications. One caveat: I had to try three times before I successfully installed the beta, and it operates a tad sluggishly. I therefore don’t recommend it for production use.”

Download Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 Beta for free from Microsoft Connect (no longer available).

Microsoft Office Accounting has gone RTM, and MSOA Professional 2007, MSOA Professional 2008 and even latest MSOA Pro 2009 version is available.