Microsoft previously stopped rolling out the WGA Notifications component of Windows Genuine Advantage initiative, which consists of WgaLogon.dll library and WgaTray.exe executable that responsible for notification message on system tray, logon and desktop area since release of WGA version Initial release of WGA Validation v1.7.59.1 also excludes notification part with just a single LegitCheckControl.dll

Apparently now Microsoft has a change of heart and starts pushing out and distribute the WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll again. Both files has an older version of instead of existing, which remains to be the version for unchanged LegitCheckControl.dll.

Thus, if your system suddenly get tagged with various messages warning of non-genuine and non-legitimate pirated Windows XP, don’t be so surprise. Prepare to give Microsoft a call if you actually buy your copy of Windows with valid license or product key.

On the other hand, Team ETH0, a hacker group which has never fail to crack any single WGA release, has released an update patcher for new WGA v. too.