The new Blogger in beta features lots of new features and improvements over the current Blogger offerings. Some of features are long awaited and most waited features, such as labels which is similar to categories. Other nice-to-have features and improvements for new Blogger in beta service include dynamic serving of Blog*Spot hosted Blogger blogs, flexible access control settings, more site feed options, improved dashboard, integration with Google Accounts, dynamic Blogger templates and etc. In short, the new Blogger platform, which currently still in beta, is addictive. With the return of raw HTML template editing feature, there is simply no reason to stay in existing Blogger architecture.

But when can you switch over and migrate to the new Blogger? According to Blogger, Blogger users can migrate and move their blogs to the new Blogger in beta platform when they see a link on Blogger dashboard notifying that it’s now the time. But the switching offer for existing Bloggers are rare and slow to come by, as the move is offered to only limited few of users. Unfortunately, currently, it’s the only way for existing blog on Blogger Blog*Spot to move over to the new Blogger in beta interface. Although users can always create a new Blogger in beta account and make new blogs on Blogger in beta features.

Blogger has also specified a few conditions that make users with certain types of blogs will not be able to switch to new Blogger in beta. The conditions are:

  • A blog publishing via FTP to a server.
  • A blog with a Plus upgrade (we stopped offering this upgrade a couple years ago, so this will not affect many people).
  • A team blog.
  • A very large blog. (More than a couple thousand posts + comments.)

So if you have popular blogs or blogs that meet any situation above, be prepared to wait till the official launch of new Blogger (currently in beta) system. The other alternative is to create a new Blogger in beta blog, which Blogger promises will be able to merge both original Blogger and new Blogger in beta accounts, together with all existing Blogger blogs.