Motorola Moto Q Review by NewsFactor Magazine

»»»Motorola Moto Q Review by NewsFactor Magazine
Moto Q Smartphone from Motorola has a QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile 5.0 with Exchange 2004 support with RAZR thin design. Moto Q Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone features a 1.3 megapixel camera with inbuilt flash photo lighting, video clip capture and playback, connectivity via Bluetooth, IrDA and mini-USB, Multi-Media Messaging (MMS), PIM functionality with Picture Caller ID and large, high-resolution display (320 x 240 pixels, 65K TFT).

Moto Q

NewsFactor Magazine reviews Motorola Moto Q and gives Moto Q rating of 4 out of 5 and writes that the Moto Q appears poised to stand among the smartphone market’s ultra-dream machines. It’s like having a Razr with a boosted IQ. Good points include ultraslim design, Qwerty-style keypad, whopping 128 MB of flash memory plus mini-SD expansion slo and Windows Mobile 5.0. Bad sides are no Wi-Fi, cannot run as an EVDO modem for laptops, not compatible with GSM/GPRS global roaming systems overseas and Bluetooth radio is 1.2, not 2.0.

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