Oakley O ROKR sunglasses is a Bluetooth stereo eyewear from Oakley and Motorola. Oakley O ROKR other than functions as High Definition Optics sunglasses, O ROKR is also an A2DP enabled Bluetooth headset that can both stream and control audio and music from a A2DP Bluetooth enabled device such as Bluetooth-enabled phone or a portable music player with an add-on Bluetooth adapter, and listen the music on the speaker on sunglasses itself. Oakley O ROKR features lightweight O Matter frame, buttons for controlling volume, answering/ending calls and controlling music, lenses made of optically pure PLUTONITE which filter out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm, able to change the lenses, and ability to use O ROKR with iPod by adding the optional ICOMBI adapter.

Motorola/Oakley O ROKR Sunglasses

NetworkWorld reviews Motorola-Oakley O ROKR Bluetooth eyewear and picks O ROKR sunglasses as Toy of Summer with conclusion that “we preferred the combination of the sunglasses and music player provided by Oakley’s THUMP devices as opposed to the ROKR. But if you’re in a situation where you absolutely need to be ready for that wireless phone call, the ROKR sunglasses give you the added convenience of the hands-free headset and music player combined in one (without having to fumble around for your other hands-free headset). It’s also cool if you already own an iPod and don’t want to buy the separate THUMP sunglasses to listen to your music (though you still need to buy the Bluetooth iPod adapter).”