MovieBeam is a set-top box and on-demand service that delivers up to 10 movies per week from selection of about 100 and increasing count of movies at prices ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 per movie. It’s a new way to rent and watch movies at home, where movies are delivered directly to your TV without the need of cable, satellite or computer. All movies are available at either DVD or HDTV quality.


LIVEdigitally reviewed MovieBeam and concluded that there’s no question the box is easy to setup and easy to use. Playback is simple and satisfying, and the picture quality is extremely good. However, the $250 up-front fee (correct at the time of writing) for the box was not very reasonable, considering the movies weren’t discounted steeply enough.

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Beside, with additional Moviebeam HD Cable Kit, you can watch MovieBeam High Definition (HD) movies in its full resolution with perfect digital signal transfer between the HDTV and the entertainment set. The kit mainly replaces the typical component video cables with digital coaxial, optical and HDMI cables which more efficiently carries digital video and digital audio signal.

LIVEdigitally watched the on demand HD movies with MovieBeam and concluded that “I feel there are some business issues regarding the pricing model which must be addressed prior to wide adoption of the product. In my opinion, the HD services as they stand today do not sufficiently complement the product to overcome these issues. In other words, if you were interested enough for the standard definition content, then by all means, pick one up soon. If you are an HDTV enthusiast, this isn’t quite ready just yet, but I would keep my eyes on it for sure.”

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Watch on-demand movies with MovieBeam (service no longer available).