URGE is a digital music jukebox and download service from MTV Networks which is an alternative music store to Apple iTunes that is not limited compatibility with iPod portable music player. With URGE, it’s easy to enjoy, explore and get the music you want for your PC or portable music player with access to over 2 million songs, 18 music genres, countless styles and exclusives from MTV, VH1 and CMT including hundreds of playlists and radio stations, music feeds, blogs, interviews and feature stories from leading music voices.


MTV URGE has several plans include URGE All Access To Go which costs $14.95 per month or $149 for a full year for complete access to URGE store and ability to transfer the music to PC and compatible portable music players, while URGE All Access which costs $9.95 per month or $99 for a full year offers every features of All Access To Go but for PC access only. Alternatively URGE By the Track allows you to buy songs for $.99 per track or full albums starting at around $9.95. Music and songs downloaded are protected by the Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.

Forbes reviewed URGE digital music download store and jukebox and URGE integration with Windows Media Player 11, and concluded that “I found URGE simple to use and a good fit with Windows Media Player 11, but something that could really set it apart from other services isn’t yet available – namely exclusive music recorded on MTV shows like “MTV Unplugged”, which MTV Networks promises to offer, in addition to music videos for download (currently they can only be streamed).

Still, for playing catch-up in the online music space, URGE is off to a pretty good start.”

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