mtvU Über is a digital online TV channel from MTV, or more specifically, MTV campus network mtvU. mtvU Uber is distributed entirely by streaming download via broadband by mode of 24/7 linear streaming and on demand, and most importantly, the channel is available for viewing without any charge. Yes, it’s free. mtuU Uber is supported by purely by advertising shown before or after some mtvU Über videos.

From mtvU Uber website, it describe itself as “mtvU is dedicated to every aspect of college life–from the music to the news to student life to campus events. The channel is designed to reflect the fast pace of students’ lifestyles, and to reach them everywhere they hang out, whether they’re watching TV in their dorm rooms, surfing the web, or walking across campus.”

mtvU Uber offers a mixture of contents, consisting of existing MTV contents (shows such as “Spring Break” and “Does This Look Infected”), favorite mtvU shows (shows such as 15 Minutes With…, Stand In and The Freshmen), Uber only video blocks and new exclusive shows that feature input from college students using the Uber service. In addition, there is a huge music video library on mtvU Uber channel.

Videos on mtvU Über are encoded with Microsoft’s Windows Media 9 codec, and protected from unauthorized copying via Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM). Thus, it only supports Microsoft Windows platform using Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Firefox and Apple users will be out of luck.

There is no registration required to begin viewing mtvU Uber channel. Uber will launches a new windows (so disable your pop-up blocker, or at least allow pop-up from mtvU Uber) that will plays the video in it. There is no external player needed. The streaming quality of Uber is very good with little downtime or disconnection and the program loads quickly and run seamlessly. Viewers can pause, rewind, scale, and reorder the video contents in a slick, usable format. Beside, users click on “Add” button to set up their own setlist by adding any show or music video on mtvU Über. Once videos are in your setlist, you can reorder them to create you own programming, or progression of shows.

Viewing Online at mtvU Über (service has been silently discontinued).

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