myKbd is a full-featured input area skin manager and loader for the Palm Tungsten T3, T5, TX and LifeDrive. It includes support for HEX-based virtual keyboards for fast text entry and includes IBM’s ATOMIK and Metropolis layouts. Users can switch between the ATOMIK keyboard which replaces the Palm’s QWERTY keyboard and Graffiti in the input area. myKbd features hexagonal keys, all standard punctuation is available right on screen with no shifts with accented keys available by a “Cycle” key, improved speed of typing, easy to learn ATOMIK interface, common letter combinations are together, visual feedback when tapped, includes mySkin’s input-area skin loading functions, landscape and portrait mode, ability to create and change your own keyboard layout, and macros support.


Brighthand reviews myKbd 1.41 and concludes that “while the speed of data entry is not the same as when using an external keyboard, MyKbd combined with a text completion program surely comes very close to it (I already have TextPlus, so that’s a benefit for me). It also saves me from dragging around yet another gadget with batteries that are usually empty when you most need them. I also noticed that the learning curve, while present, is not THAT steep. I observed significant improvement in text entry only after a bit more than a week and I also find that further improvement is possible. I still catch myself upon tapping for certain adjacent key combinations, whereas stroking would be faster). Personally, I have registered this one and will keep this as my default input method. As usual, try before you buy. MyKbd has a fully functional trial period of 15 days.”