SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a Linux distribution from Novell that targets at the business community and enterprise market, with design to handle mission critical workloads in data center. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server features massive scalability of up to 1,024 processors and supports up to 10 TB of RAM, supports the latest network acceleration technologies (Intel I/O AT), Heartbeat 2 that is fully integrated, multi-node, high-availability solution, provides LAMP stacks, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Virtual Server (Xen) images and graphical iSCSI management tools.

Byte and Switch (dead link) tries and installs SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and concludes that Novell has at last put out a product that’s as easy to install, administer and use as a Windows server–in some cases, even easier. And if you’re looking for more reasons to make the move, consider the OS’ wide range of free development tools, applications for everything from mail to office software, a wide choice of distributions and source code that’s freely available. Most important, the OS provides a solid foundation for a vast array of enterprise-level systems–app servers, database servers and file servers, to name a few.