Google Analytics has launched official Google Analytics blog that promises to have posts on information on, according to the the blog, “latest changes as we make them, whether it’s a new feature you’ve asked for, or a fix for something that needed fixing. We’ll let you know when we add new reports and will ask for your feedback too. And we’ll frequently post tips and best practices, as well as spotlight helpful resources such as Conversion University and the Google Analytics Help Center.”

With the launch of the Google Analytics blog, Google Analytics Team also announced a new report Adwords Analysis which shows Adwords advertisers the ROI for every Campaign, Ad Group, and keyword in the AdWords account. Adwords Advertisers may find it useful when monitoring and optimizing the Ad Groups and keywords.

Google Analytics is a leading and free web traffic statistics tracking and analysis which previously was known as Urchin. Google Analytics is integrated with Google Adwords ads campaigns, and able to track all of your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links, search engines, and keywords, even from non-Google marketing initiatives. Currently, to use the service of Google Analytics, an invitation is needed, which can be applied at Google Analytics website.