OmniFocus is the professional personal task management software tool for Getting Things Done (GTD) action management method, which aims to take the load off users to keep track of their goals and tasks, both personal and professional, to focus the attention on their priority in life and things that must do. OmniFocus, for Mac OS X, is developed as an ordered, easy to access system with powerful features such as custom-fit flexible task management not only for Getting Things Done trusted way but also other styles, ability to capture tasks anywhere without switching between applications, protect data in safest way, SmartMatch to automatically on-the-fly locate the projects or contexts, support sync with iCal and access OmniFocus task information via Spotlight.

Neil Dixson (dead link) downloaded and used the OmniFocus, after the review, concluded that “I’ve been beta testing OmniFocus for a few months – correction, I should say, struggling with and not really using OmniFocus for a few months. OmniFocus (OF) is a great implementation of the GTD principles, allowing organization and prioritizing of tasks which form together into projects. Projects can be ‘focused’ to cut out some of the noise associated with looking at a list so large you are likely any minute to scarper off to the loo for a good old fashioned sob. Where OF gets the application of this wrong is the interface. It’s still just a load of noise on the screen! To me it feels little more than a customised outliner.”

Hawk Wings (dead link) commented that “I am liking this app very much, much better than other GTD solutions for Mac users. I took advantage of the special pre-release offer about fifteen minutes after installing the beta. OmniFocus is available for a limited time at the pre-release price of USD 39.95 (and 25% cheaper than that for people who have a OmniOutliner 3.0 licence. So, it only cost me USD 29.95). When released on 8 January it will sell for USD 79.95. Expensive, you say? You’re right. Good value, you ask? It depends what your time is worth.”