OpenOffice is a open source and free office suite. Open Office is multilingual and multiplatform office productivity suite which compatible with all other major office suites such as Microsoft Office. Open Office is full-featured office suite too with word processor Writer, spreadsheet Calc, multimedia presentation Impress, graphic manipulation Draw and database application Base, all now greatly improved in features and reliability with the release of version 2.0.2.


rediff reviewed OpenOffice 2.0 and even wrote the review with OpenOffice Write and concluded that the program surely can’t do everything that the Microsoft Office suite can. For instance, there’s no online collaboration or Smart Tags, no grammar check, no highly flexible outlining, smart table formatting or decent hot keys.

Being free software, it has no tech support in the traditional sense (though given the vast Web resources, this argument does not hold much water). Besides, anyone used to Excel is bound to face difficulties with OpenOffice’s Calc.

However, these teething problems are common with any new software (how many of us can exploit even one-tenth of Excel’s features?) Finally, anyone who wants a feature-rich but free office suite should give this option a try.

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