The Palm Treo 700p, T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and Motorola Q are three PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) smart phone that provides a lot of functionality and features, with each of them has their own unique features and outstanding points. PC World reviews and highlights the phones’ performance and weaknesses to you to choose which Smartphone is right and of best value for you.

PC World concludes that “Treo 700p is easily the most expensive–and that’s before you factor in the service plan. The voice plan starts at $80 a month, and to that you have to add $15 a month if you want BroadbandAccess Connect; plus there’s a $35 activation fee. If this price structure fits in your budget and you need an office workhorse, the 700p is your top choice.”

For T-Mobile Sidekick 3, PC World writes that “$300 price tag (with a two-year T-Mobile contract) may be a bit high for a smart phone that I would use mainly for IM and e-mail. But if those are your areas of concentration, this is your best bet”

“If style is key and you don’t mind extra clicks or scrolling around in the menus, the Q ain’t a bad choice. And its reasonable price sweetens the deal even more. At $300 with a two-year Verizon contract (an additional $100 online discount was available as we posted this story), it’s reasonably priced for an EvDO smart phone” is what said of Motorola Q.

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