Six years ago, a group of music lovers started Music Genome Project, where they analyze each song by using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics, resulted in most sophisticated taxonomy of musical information ever collected.


With the power of Music Genome Project, Pandora is here to help you to find more music that you’ll love. Pandora is a music discovery service that helps you to find, discover and enjoy music that you’ll love.

Just input your favorite artists, bands or songs, Pandora will automatically and instantly create a streaming station that plays songs and music that similar to your input, based on the powerful Music Genome Project library database. The selection will be musically based on musical quality. Popularity and genre won’t count.

You can create up to 100 music stations. Beside, you can rate the music played with “I like it” (Thumbs Up) or “I don’t like it” (Thumbs Down) in order to tune the channel closer to your musical taste. The preference will be immediately calculated by Pandora and the channel’s playlist will be updated accordingly. Thumbs Up will causes Pandora to play that song and songs that sound like it more frequently, while thumbs down will ban that song, while play songs that sound like it less frequently.

It’s also possible to make a channel station to have more variety of songs and music by “Add more music to a station”. To add more songs, click on the small triangle beside the channel name.

Best of all, Pandora is free, supported by advertisements. It’s possible to eliminate the ads by subscribing.

Pandora now also carries comedy channel.

Discover your favorite music with Pandora.