Huey, a monitor color calibration system by Pantone. Huey capable of calibrating and profiling all types of monitors – LCD and CRT. With Huey, it improves and corrects the color on your monitor, so that photos and designs print more accurately, game graphics are more intense and movies are more true-to-life, enhancing web experience and solves digital image problems when viewing on screen.

Pantone Huey

Adorama reviewed Huey monitor calibration system and concluded that “HUEY has finally made it easy and inexpensive for anyone who owns a computer to see accurate image color on their monitor. It is simple to use, and it works.

If you own a compact digital camera, EVF, or consumer-grade DSLR, and you regularly look at your photos on your monitor, HUEY has burst on the scene as a must-have accessory.”

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