Google is the most used search engine in the world, with millions if not tens or even hundreds of millions surfers using Google to search for information they wanted. But do you know what information that most Google users are searching for? That’s the search terms or search keywords that most users type into the the simple search box in the middle of Google homepage. Google has revealed 2006 Year-End Google Zeitgeist that allows you to take a peek into what’s hot on Google, or whether you have some common interest with majority of Google users.

Paris Hilton

Apparently social networking site Bebo and sexy celebrity Paris Hilton have respectively been the top search terms or keywords for Google Search and Google News Search. This obviously continue the trends of popularity of Paris Hilton and increasingly popular social networking sites that starts with MySpace, which now is the second most searched term, giving up the top spot to Bebo.

Other top search terms in in 2006 are:

1. Bebo
2. MySpace
3. World Cup
4. Metacafe
5. Radioblog
6. Wikipedia
7. Video
8. Rebelde
9. Mininova
10. Wiki

And top searches in Google News for 2006 are:

1. Paris Hilton
2. Orlando Bloom
3. Cancer
4. Podcasting
5. Hurricane Katrina
6. Bankruptcy
7. Martina Hingis
8. Autism
9. 2006 NFL draft
10. Celebrity big brother 2006

There are also listing of popular and hot questions been asked, with the questioned subjects, persons, activities or objects ranged from borat, hezbollah, eu, mohammed, buckethead, carisoprodol, acyclovir, alprazolam, tramadol, vicodin, hydrocodone, vicodin, xenical, xanax, refinance, drift, podcast, levitate, promiscuous, calidad, ftw, ensayo, ciencia, harlequin to filosofia and etc.

Most interesting is, “What is hot?” is also been asked. And it definitely is something like current events in Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Hilary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, or Nicole Kidman wedding, Tom Cruise wedding, or divorce of Paul McCartney, Travis Barker, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and Eninem.